• Big plate of Fried chicken
  • On the Holy Bible ... My belief between man and his creation of his wanted truth to suit his need of power over others. A manifest of exaggerated events written by man to control and rule the masses through time ... I do not say there is no greater power? ... 'I know not' ... Yet I will not fear judgement at my end by its power of control via a man in a robe. If there is a greater universal power? ... then only fait will guide me. Peace
  • Perfection. It doesn't exist in our world so it is an ideal. :)
  • If an items got more than 1 hole in it.
  • God & Jesus Christ
  • Those annoying little spaces at the heel and toes of my socks.
  • The word "holy" speaks of "separateness" or "set apart". "Separateness" conveys distinctiveness like out of darkness into God's marvellous light. "Set apart" tells the state of being chosen for the God's exclusive service. God's injunction to His children:"Be holy as I am holy".
  • person himself...just he has to look inside....
  • I like Leeks answer. I would add to it that God is a God of love. He is a God that loves us so much that even though we are imperfect and didn't turn out just like He wanted, He is willing to sacrifice Himself to change us, rather than crumpling us up and starting over. Holiness is also a state of righteousness. This is not something we can achieve by ourselves. We cannot be self-righteous, in fact, I would say that self-righteous is an oxymoronic term. We can only be righteous in Jesus Christ. He said that no one can come to the Father except through Him. Righteousness is the state of being in a right relationship with God and with our fellow man, which allows us to live in peace and harmony and love with one another.
  • Someone who no longer participates in the affairs of this world, having been 'called out' of it but still in it...
  • Do unto others as you would have others do unto tou.
  • Full of holes
  • Holy or sacred belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power. Best regards.

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