• Mormons are encouraged to consider the whole of the text of D&C 89. However as a missionary we only taught the things Mormons are most renown for avoiding (alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea). Little emphasis is ever given to those later principles of the law, as you recognize. As a Bishop I asked in temple recommend interviews "Do you keep the word of wisdom" but had someone responded "No, I eat too much beef" I would have approved them for the recommend anyway. The answer to your question is "I don't know" but you are right in realizing that fact that it gets little attention. If keeping the Word of Wisdom is essential to one's exaltation then I presume the meat eaters of the church have something to fear.
  • The alleged "Word of wisdom" was created by Smith to appease his wife. All Mormons know it really means nothing. It is just that it makes a Mormon look purportedly pure and righteous when they appear to follow a given set of rules.

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