• its when a Government of the day has its Budget blocked by the Opposition, thus making the running of the country impossable because of lack of funds
  • A Double Dissolution is when: A Bill (any bill. eg. Alcopops Tax or the Emissions Trading Scheme, although both are now looking to be weak contenders due to opposition movement) must fail twice in the Senate to become a 'trigger' for a possible double dissolution election. It may be re-introduced at any time within a Parliamentary term, but there must be a minimum interval of 3 months between the first failure in the Senate and the passage of the Bill in the House of Representatives the second time. The Prime Minister can advise the Governor-General (who can decline the advice) to dissolve both Houses of Parliament and call a double dissolution election at any time after a Bill fails twice in the Senate. The only limitation is that the double dissolution cannot be granted within 6 months of the expiry of the House of Representatives. Time is running out for the present Government to call a double dissolution election. The last double dissolution in Australia was 20 years ago.

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