• If he is suspected of breaking a law, yes.
  • I should hope so.This country needs to take action or America will not be a world power much longer. Break the law and go to jail no matter who you think you are?
  • You must really hate Bush even though he followed the letter of the law. Bill Clinton Said the exact same things that GWB. Pelosi, H.Clinton, J.Kerry, and others repeated the words of, agreed, with GWB. Why are they not held to the same standard as George W. Bush? It's because of a Party Line BS created by the DEMS that keeps the them in power and GWB vulnerable. It's all about a dirty power grab for the democrats who will stop at no costs to become a dictatorship.
  • Not yet,Obama hasn't left office.
  • As long as they don't become a diplomat.
  • Yes...a President can be arrested in office as well. Despite Bush's contention that when a president does something it is legal the reality is that is not true. This is or is suppose to be the United States of America where no man is above the law.
  • I wish Obama could be arrested while he is IN office, for treason.

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