• its a mystry some says that it is basically the lights coming from THE UFO .it is still in the secret projects which has been kept enclosed as unsolved mystries by the govt.
  • The Air Force says some flares were dropped from an airplane. Some scientists have shown that interstellar travel exists only in fantasy, so it could not have been ETs.
  • There's no secret about them. They've been explained, but hoaxers refuse to accept it, so they still tell wild tales that are not true.
    • Ice man
      You fake people wouldn't know truth if it bit your @#s in broad daylight.
    • Venus1485
      You describe yourself here. The truth is that ETs can never come here. Did that bite your "Culo"?
  • not sure what that is
  • There is a secret opening in a nearby mountain. The aliens come out every once in a while. They play a game called "scare the humans." When they have had enough fun they go back laughing like crazy.
  • Shhh! It's a secret!
  • It's just some kids with laser pointers.
  • It's a team of little green men who eat too many pickled eggs and are simultaneously lighting up fart gases, causing massive inline flashes of light in the night sky.
    • ReiSan
      It could be Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, Eva Mendes and Vanessa Marcil "onara" loudly.

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