• An image that sums you up!
  • Anything you feel like making it. I believe a good avatar is something that expresses how you feel.
  • It should repesent you in some way. A feeling, a belief, an attitude, something meaningful to you, or it could be just be playful.
  • Something creative or eye catching that represents you in some way.
  • I think a picture of the ABer. It's interesting to see what people look like (because I'm nosey I guess). You know --a name with a face. I know alot of folks on AB don't feel comfortable doing that or like to express themselves in other ways.
  • I for one think that the best avatars are ones you make yourself. I mean, what can represent you more than your own artistic expression? That's why the great majority of my avatars are homemade.
  • Well if I could get mine to change I would tell you . I tried last night but am still waiting for th transformation. I was going to be a Ballerina
  • Mine is my dream home. I used it to remind myself that I am working towards something. I don't know if that makes it good or not. I liked Gladiator's answer.
  • To me, a good avatar has to be recognisable as something, to have some sort of connection to that user and will allow you to remember whose avatar it is without needing to look at the user's name. Bright colours often help, as they can be striking and stick in your mind though sometimes others are recognisable for just the opposite (check out satine's). Finally, don't make them too complicated. They are only a small size, so cramming in loads of info is not a good idea. Keep it simple if possible.
  • One that advertises beer and is flashy :)
  • a picture of a sexy person

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