• According to the site, there is none:
  • Have you tried 1-800-555-TWIT ? :)
  • I just tried to contact them... the San Francisco operator has no number for them so I asked for a company name in the same physical address; talked with them and they said they dont even have the number for Twitter and that they are getting ready to complain because they get a lot of random calls from people trying to find Twitter! There are 9 other companies sharing with Twitter so I would imagine there are alot of complaints building up-- seems to me it makes good business sense to have a contact number.. the other number doesnt work... tried to call the number listed above and it doesnt work-- the lady says she gets alot of calls there but they are not Twitter either...
  • 1-800-555 TWIT is not a number for Twitter, people! Its a business... but its not Twitter. Just tried to call it... Again good luck trying to reach Twitter-- I called a few of the offices in their same building who confirmed that Twitter is there in their building, however they dont have their number either. They say that many of the offices in their building get calls of people trying to reach Twitter and that its overwhelming them... dont know why they dont just give the public a phone number!
  • The number is (415) 896-2008. Option #1: Law enforcement. Option #2: Communications. Option #3: Staffing. All go to voicemail. There's no way to get to a person that I can see.
  • Dude, the site is a free service not a paid for service. Therefore, support is via email only. If you need help, why not visit their help pages and really take the time to read. I bet most of your questions are listed at By the way, do you get phone support at Yahoo or Google for free services? NOPE Yahoo started providing phone support in 2001, if you had a pay for service and when did Yahoo! official launched (1994/1995)? C'mon people, Twitter is a baby company.
  • The guy above me is a dick. A simple whois of the domain came up with this number 4158962008 if you wait until the end of the recorded message it gives you 3 extensions that you can leave a message for. Someone hijacked my account and after several e-mails and weeks of waiting to hear back from Twitter support, I finally called and left a message for the Staff and someone got back in touch with me the next day to solve my problem.

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