• If that Two Buck Chuck is any indication, I'd say so;)
  • If you wanna "buzz" it will work. +5
  • rarely gets the chance to become vinegar... but depends on taste... no worthy judge yet myself.
  • every now and then. I find like every 1 out of 20 cheap "you gotta try this cheap wine... it's so good for the price" wines actually is damn good. So , I guess the answer is yes.
  • There are some... depends on what ur looking. Good wine for the price is Casillero del Diablo. Very good..
  • gtravels beat me to it but Two Buck Chuck or Charles Shaw is really good wine. At the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, Shaw's 2002 Shiraz received the double gold medal, besting 2,300 other wines in the competition. Shaw's 2005 California chardonnay was judged Best Chardonnay from California at the Commercial Wine Competition of the 2007 California Exposition and State Fair. The chardonnay received 98 points, a double gold, Best of California and Best of Class
  • Absolutely. It all depends on who you are drinking it with :)
  • I think so. All I've had is cheap wine. Never tasted really expensive wine, or maybe once at a hotel resort where a glass of wine cost me 10 British pounds.
  • Yes of course it depends with whom you are though
  • Well you can get some great clean skins for under $10, yes! :0)
  • Yes. It seems the price of wine has more to do with snobbery than quality.
  • No really good wine is good and great wine is funny
  • I have found Trader Joe's brand to be a good buy with respectable flavor. I have found though cheap wine buys to be a big gamble often not worth it.
  • Sometimes: You can get a good indication about how good a red wine is by its alchohol percentage. It its only 11% it has probably been rushed, but if it is 14% the manufacturer has spent more time making it and made the grapes ferment for longer. It also suggests that naturally sweeter grapes were used which make better wine! Sometimes in cheap wine things are added to it or the process is adjusted a bit to give it a falsy sweet flavour. The wine I normally buy is red and its 13.5% and its only about £5 per bottle and really nice. You can also snoop around for a good wine which is on special offer.
  • I depends on what you want out of it. For just getting plastered Richards Wild Irish Rose is cheap and will lay even the most hard core alcoholic out if they put a few bottles down. If you want taste then it depends on your taste buds. I've had dirt cheap wines taste much better than $30 a bottle slop and it tastes just as good out of a coffee mug as it does out of a crystal glass. In fact, it might be just as good out of a coffee can as a glass. It depends on what you want out of life doesn't it?
  • Yes. Yellow Tail...mmmm.
  • Of course it can! Making wine is a process and if care is put into that process like in the sonoma wines... They are tasty without all the frou foru. FOr good wine...You need good barrels, good crops, good ingredients and good people making it. Now I wouldn't drink RIpple or black cat. But that is probably made in a Bathtub in East L.A.?
  • Seems that people think that winning medals is an indication of quality, or price is an indication of quality, or even (God forbid) high point scores by a "wine critic" is an indication of quality. The bottom line is, do you enjoy the wine? If you enjoy it, its good, if your friends enjoy it thats even better. If they don't, thats the best, cause there's more for you next time!!! There are so many wines out there, and so many of us wine drinkers, that finding the best wine for any given individual, on a given day, in a particular mood (yes, that makes a difference), it can seem impossible to find a good one. But don't be afraid to try, try again. Keep trying all you can, and enjoy the experience! It's not the price, it's the value you place on it.

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