• T-R-U-E.
  • In my opinion. False. You do not choose to believe, belief is something based more on gut feeling and instinct. You can only choose to fool yourself into thinking you believe, or fool yourself into thinking you don't. Deep down though, you believe what you have to believe whether you want to or not.
  • I notice that you put your question under the heading of religions. With that in mind the answer is - true.
  • false. I think people tend to choose to ignore anything that casts doubt on what they already believe. Similar, but not quite the same thing
  • I believe so. But maybe only because I *want* to believe so, so who knows. Jadey has a good point, so, taking her answer into account, I'd say... People often believe positive things that comfort them. People also believe negative things about others that enable them to feel "right" and "better". People also often believe negative things that reinforce their worries du jour or their insecurities from childhood, even if they don't *want* to.
  • I tend to agree. There might be link to laziness, you know, if I believe the truth (of whatever) I will have to make an adjustment somewhere.
  • Totally
  • True +5
  • Can be both. Depends on the level and type of information provided before a person can come to some decision about the subject. Everyone believes something about everything, it's when you have limited information, experience and other people are telling you whatever, sometimes it's hard to filter that through your own lack of knowledge, fears,insecurities, things you have seen, and come to an acceptable conclusion. It isn't "want to believe" "necessarily" but more of an this is what I think until you fill in the blanks for me.
  • Generally yes, especially when it is close to the heart. However, there is always that nagging doubt somtimes in their head which they will sometimes never admit to.
  • Without a doubt people believe what they want. That's why so many people believe faith over facts.
  • False. If you had started your question with the word "Some" or "Many" then it would be true. As it stands though, I'd have to disagree.
  • For the most part that is TRUE . However; there are many of us who will change our minds when presented with evidence to show we are wrong ...
  • True, then they look for evidence to back it up.

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