• Garlic bad breath for 3 days! Feb.02.2022
    • Linda Joy
      Good stuff! It keeps the neck suckers off you! lol
    • Moving Violation
      I once worked with a lady who took those garlic pills and that was bad she smelled I finally got balls enough to tell her she stunk and she was so glad she quit taking them and it took about 10 days to get it out of her body! Feb.03.2022
  • is the first. Can't stand the stuff. *** I LOATHE the taste of sausage with syrup on it. NASTY. I couldn't believe it when McDonalds started offering a sausage sandwich with syrup INTENTIONALLY. *** Although I don't mind sweet-and-sour candy, any "dinner food" with a sweet and sour flavor is my third choice. I can force myself to eat it, but I never like it. This includes barbecue sauce, which I heartily dislike, and things like sweet-and-sour pork, pineapple on ham (ugh!), pineapple on pizza, and sweet-glazed meats in general, etc. *** Similarly, I really dislike sweet potatoes. However: I'm not sure most people love them. I've met lots of people that don't.
  • I've never been able to stomach cottage cheese. I've dumped expired milk that looks and smells just like it - and I don't consume expired milk.
  • Canteloupe.
    • 1465
      I'm not a big fan of it, although, with a little pepper, an ice-cold slice goes down good on a hot summer day.
  • anything porky pig

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