• Speling and grammer are very importent.
  • I am dsylexic, so it doesnt bother me when people mispell things.
  • Spelling actually says a lot about a person. Even if I'm simply messaging my friend I will look up a word to make sure I spell it right!!! :)
  • important to the point where i know what there asking and answering..
  • Spelling is VERY impotent. One simple misspelled word and the whole world laughs at you... ;)~
  • I think it depends on the venue. Here on Answerbag, I have a pretty high tolerance for spelling errors; as long as I can tell what the intent of the author is. At work, I am far less tolerant. Lets be professional people.
  • On AB? Or in general? . As far as AB goes, it's important that people can understand what you're trying to say. I've seen some really weird posts where I couldn't make heads or tails what the question was. . In general, I think it's a good thing to have good spelling and grammar, especially if you're writing your own native language.
  • Spelling is very important. Sometimes, some employers choose who they would employ based on grammar and spelling alone.
  • There was a time that everything had to be spelled correctly; but lately, as long as I can understand the meaning a misspelling here and there doesn't really bother me.
  • More important than breathing.
  • It's pretty important in terms of how I gauge a person's overall intelligence, to be sure. Same as if they could quickly do math in their head if we're out shopping or something. There's a lot I think about that way. Not just spelling, but vocabulary - how well someone uses the words they know is really important. These things are at the top of the list for me in terms of gauging intelligence; things like general knowledge of world culture/history/geography/politics/society etc. and opinions/knowledge of art or literature or philosophy both come after I decide whether or not a person is smart enough for me to want to care about hearing more of what they have to say, which stems from snap judgments about the way people generally communicate, linguistically or mathematically or whatever. Spelling clearly plays a large role there.
  • I have (relatively) high standards for what I put out but not as high for other people, especially younger people. Accuracy means slower posting. Speed counts for posting things on the internet, not accuracy. AB is a good example: being on the first page of responders increases my chance of being read and also the likelihood of my getting points (in that people don't always read beyond the first page of responses). In chat rooms speed is even more vital as what you are responding to becomes old news as you refine your answer. All of which is my over-long way of saying that times are changing.
  • Spulen iss vury dimportent do mi! One cannot contemplate a person who can't spell correctly can one? Grin...
  • Verry inportandt
  • Not vary impotent.....I cares more about grammar:)
  • I find it very important. There is actually no reason to have misspelled words in the AB posts, spell checkers are readily available. It is hard to take a person seriously when they continually misspell and butcher grammar. That seems to be a particular problem with young engineers. At least in the reports and papers I've read.
  • I do write, so spelling is extremely important to me.
  • Insurmountably.
  • EXTREMELY important. i cannot stress enough just how important spelling is to me.
  • I do my best to spell accurately. But we all make errors. And I know that good spelling can be very important in some situations. I would not consider someone inferior because they cannot spell. But I would not choose someone with bad spelling as marketing director.

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