• Getting attacked by shrimp
  • that i will have to get out of the water and have all those eyes staring!! (my husband bought me that bikini, by the way)
  • Getting wet.
  • Jellyfish really hurt. Just dont forget to wear those ocean shoes so you dont step on one :)
  • Getting mauled to death by a large fish.
  • Usually if there is jelly fish in the water you'll know about it before you get in. I use to fear the sharks, because we would swim way past the breakers about a half mile out and spear fish. I saw many sharks in the waters but they never bothered us. We would fish for hours at a time and never got threaten by a shark. But you do think about that possibility. But when we dove in the deep areas, one of us would have a bang stick (shoots buckshot loads) Home made just for extra safety. If a shark threatened us, you jam the barrel part of the bang stick into the sharks body and it will kill it dead. Never had to use it.
  • only when I went scuba diving for the first time have I ever feared the ocean, I was afraid of sharks. Other then that, nothing.
  • Sharks!

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