• All data is information. All computers need programs in order to process anything. Programs are information put into a form that a computer can execute.
  • A datum (singular of data) alone is useless. Only when it is combined with other datum and evaluated by our brains does it become information. Data is what is fed into and recorded by the computer. The information part is up to us and comes later.. Make no mistake, the computer is an idiot. I can use a keyboard, mouse, voice program or even another computer to record an H. Then I can record an E, then two L's and an O into a computer. All the computer knows is that it has electronically recorded as a series of 1's and zeros - - 11001001OOOO11000011000000110110001110011. After those 1's and zeros go through processors, transistors, resistors then more processors, transistors, resistors it can be appear on a screen as something your brain can intemperate which are the letters H, E, L, L and O or through a speaker from which you hear the word HELLO. At the point your brain recognizes those data visually or auditorially and interperpates them as the greeting "hello" is when those data of 1's and zero's becomes information. A sentence in a book can be data and a sentence in another book can be data. put them together and they can become information.
  • Bitts on and bitts off. It just runs program.

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