• Why are people so damn interested in what atheists are?
  • No, people that try to force religion on people are.
  • I don't let them both me..... not to believe there is a higher power is up to them... but the end of time will tell all
  • I am an atheist/agnostic and don't think I am either miserable or a killjoy. I was raised in the church and saw all the hypocrisy that was rabid within it. I think an atheist is someone who is strong enough to question the unknown and not fall to pressure of someone else's opinions. I may questions someones belief in the supernatural but I do not disrespect them.
  • Oh yeah, we totally are. And have you heard? We all secretly DO believe in Jesus!! We just like to live in sin!! :P We also worship the devil, kill babies and conspire with muslims. We want to destroy the very foundations of the USA!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • This question is in the same style as 'Are religious people just delusional?' It's meant to sound legitimate, but really it just raises heckles. Atheists are not miserable, or killjoys. They can be, but it's not a defining part of being an atheist, just as speaking in tongues and putting up signs about 'fags' isn't a defining part of being religious. There's a broad spectrum of humanity out there, across all faiths, or lack of faith.
  • no ... just realists
  • No, we are people who choose not to worship an unproven doesn't affect our lives any further than that...except when we try to rent a car!
  • Anyone who try's to force there opinions (religious or political) onto someone else is, in my opinion. As far as your question goes, some of them can be killjoys as can anyone else who behaves in that manner.
  • I don't think so.They may have a genuine reason for their belief or non belief! Buddhism and Jainism is close to that. Lot of my students are also atheist and I do not discriminate between them and the believers! Fortunately Spiritualism covers all!
  • No, just realistic.
  • No, I think that most atheists prefer to leave the joy-killing to the religious types since they do it so frightfully well.
  • At the fundamental level, atheists create joy. Atheists don't have a set of rules that they want people to follow, so they have no say in what people should or should not do. That equals fun. Of course, most atheists have their own, individual set of principles and morals, so it's not all fun. However, that's not because they are atheists, it's just because they live in what they want to be a decent society. That was probably more than was necessary for this question.
  • Just more intelligent
  • I guess we are. If worshipping fairytales are your idea of Joy.
  • I'm not a religious person but i'm far from being miserable i'm really happy(sometimes) and nice to mostly everybody i meet. So i would say no.
  • We're all different.
  • What would make you ask that? Just because we don't believe in fairytales?
  • Atheists are happy in life. They understand that life is precious and finite. Religious folks are the ones bringing everyone down with their constant threats of eternal damnation.
  • No, they're not Christians.
  • Nah. We don't care, really. But after our lives are put in jeopardy by snipers and bombers from the christian community, we've developed a deep dislike for christians.
  • no, they are clever, and dont believe in fairy stories..
  • No, I think they're just rational.

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