• Yes I do.....They asked her in her opinion what did she think of ........ she gave her opinion and now she is being bashed for is no longer our freedom to voice our opinion....but let those who we oppose say what they want and nothing happens. If we agree with our religious teachings and say so....we are called gay-bashers. It is not fair and it never will be.
  • all of them get picked on for anything controversial, that's just how it is. it's ridiculous that its that way.
  • I think if your brave enough to make as bold of a statement as she did, you better be ready for a sh*t storm cause that's what's coming. She could have said she's "glad people have the choice to choose." She could have stopped her statement short of inserting bigotry. There are some things you just don't say in front of the whole country. That is one of them.
  • Absolutely not. She trotted out her bigotry for all the world to see, and now she is being judged on it, just like she pre-judges those she is prejudiced against. Sounds like [purchased] tit for tat to me.
  • Miss California - here we see a young woman who posed for provocative 'modeling' photos, who allowed the Miss California pageant organization to foot the bill for her breast upgrade, who then self-promoted herself squarely into into the court of the God-and-Country-family-values- religious-right by portraying herself as a good Christian girl. Of course she'll be analyzed, picked on, criticized -- call it whatever you like. She deserves the criticism. UPDATE from "So how's this for a new twist? Carrie Prejean believes she did not violate her Miss California contract when she gave pageant officials written assurance she never posed semi-nude. Carrie's rep tells us the photo that's circulating is not a semi-nude pic -- "It's not a semi-nude pose because she's modeling for lingerie."
  • Absolutely, but it is no surprise. Today we usually have to pay a price for our beliefs.
  • now who would be so mean to pick on a "air head "?... its not fair is it ... I mean she has enough trouble walking and talking at the same time ...
  • Who cares, she's a beauty contestant, I expect you do that and expect to be picked on or hit on. They're not picked for brains and anyone that listens to what they say doesn't have brains of their own. I think that all beauty contests should be held with the sound off and the contestants naked. End of controversy.
  • She did state the opinion of the majority of Americans. I think the one who should be picked on is that little queer Perez Hilton, for stirring this all up anyway. No one is talking about what a scum bag he is. It should teach us all to not speak your opinion in America unless it is the politically correct thing to say or your life could be ruined.

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