• It will probably die inside of you. You could get sick if the fly was carrying a disease. However, the chances of the fly you inhaled carrying a disease are slim to none. Best case scenario, you get a bit of protein off of it, for insects are good for that!
  • You cough and splutter...sometimes you can hack it out..othertimes you swallow it. I know an old wman who swallowed a fly...I don't know why....
  • This too shall pass.
  • you get a sudden burst of protein
  • It will go right though you and PLOP into the toilet! +5 MarkMetty!
  • You turn into one. Don't you know that?
  • It will be the end of the world. Dont worry!
  • Here's the story of an old lady who swallowed a fly:
  • If your lucky it will make a clean shot down your esophogus and not leave a leg or eye behind on the inside of your cheek or under your toughue.
  • you breed maggot babies for eternity
  • You turn into Vincent Price.
  • Nothing serious, it'll be digested.
  • You get fly-lungs.
  • The fly die!
  • The poor fly. At least, you will survive.
  • You scream, you wave your arms as if you are turning into one, you stop breathing and turn blue, you choke, you spit, you go totally crazy and the people around you think "This is it, she has totally lost it, time for her white jacket with buckles"...... +
  • Nothing, it just stuggles to fly in your throat, but it dies quicker if you flush it down with a glass of water, lol
  • Probably choke for a few seconds or so.
  • 1) pray you're not a fish! ;-) 2) "When you're speaking, all kinds of things might happen to you that would affect what you say. If somebody interrupts me, or I inhale a fly, or forget what I was going to say, or whatever, I might find myself having said something like: This is the and then never finishing the sentence. In principle, we could declare that since I said it, "This is the" must be an English sentence that we want our grammar to account for (maybe with a footnote to the effect that it's only grammatical if you inhale a fly after saying it). But it seems more reasonable to say that our grammar should only produce complete sentences, and that this grammar interacts with facts about real life in a way that sometimes produces utterances like "this is the". This is the distinction between competence (what the grammar would produce in a perfect world) and performance (actual linguistic behavior, the result of the grammar interacting with interruptions, limited memory, fatigue, inhaled flies, etc.)." Source and further information: 3) "Not to forget Australia's famous explorer Ernest Giles, who wrote in his field book in 23 April 1876: "The flies at the camp today were, if possible, even more numerous than before. They infest the whole air; they seem to be circumambient; we can't help eating, drinking, and breathing flies; they go down our throats in spite of our teeth, and we wear them all over our bodies; they creep up one's clothes and die, and others go after them to see what they die of. The instant I inhale a fly it acts as an emetic. And if Nature abhors a vacuum, she, or at least my nature, abhors these wretches more, for the moment I swallow one a vacuum is instantly produced. Their bodies are full of poisonous matter, and they have a most disgusting flavour, though they taste sweet. They also cause great pains and discomfort to our eyes, which are always full of them."" Source and further information: 4) "Jain monks go to inordinate lengths to avoid killing any living creature, sweeping the ground in front of them in order to avoid killing insects, and even wearing a face mask to avoid inhaling the smallest fly." Source and further information: 5) "Subject: re: Can you inhale a fly into the lung? post id: 1991067 I have swallowed many flies. It is an occupational hazard for outdoor workers in fly infested areas. It is annoying, but the reflexes kick in quick and you cough up a muscous covered fly in under 30 seconds." Source and further information:
  • It's ok for you, but not too good for the fly.
  • First. . . .it'll tickle your tummy while the digestive juices marinate it! Then it will pass through your body like. . . . .erm. . . . .protein! Then. . . . . .STOP INHALING THEM!
  • Well if its a housefly and you swallow the green stuff you get a disgusting taste ..otherwise dont worry about it..just try not to do it all the time.
  • then you must swallow a spider & things just keep getting worss
  • You cough it back up?
  • you get buzzed.
  • it gets stuck in your lungs and in a few days you start to cough up maggots

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