• We are watching and waiting. It may have to go. If so I will plant drought tolerant flowers.
  • No, it's been raining for two days no stop here in Ireland.
  • I wasn't aware of a water shortage.
  • No water shortage in my area. Even if there was, I have 32,000 square feet of lawn...I'm not changing 32,000 square feet of anything.
  • We don't have a water shortage here in IL ... we have had more than the average amount of snow and rain this past year.
  • No, I would have nothing to put in it's place.
  • We are in a severe drought here in West Texas. I have no lawn. All the grass is either dead or asleep. Even my cacti looks wimpy. We have had .1% since January.
  • No, not because of water shortage. I'm considering paving it over with concrete just so I don't have to mow it any more.
  • we are experiencing flooding here, planting water-consuming greenery is encouraged
  • IF there is a choice of grass or water ; I'd have to choose the WATER ... I can always plant more grass ....
  • No we need the grass to soak up the rain. No water shortage in Pennsylvania.
  • 9/20/2023, No. There were water restrictions in my hometown. They usually occur in July and August due to the heatwaves. Lawns will dry up. But with the temperatures dropping and the rain pouring immensely in September, our lawn is turning green.
  • Not where I live, too much grass . Its green as green around here even when the rest of the country is in drought. Hence why I laugh at what majority of you people call beef cattle ours are much fatter.It was one of the major reasons I moved here.
  • There's no water shortage where I live in the midwestern U.S. I don't water my lawn, anyway. I have an ornamental garden and I water the new plants until their established and if we have a few weeks of drought I'll water anything that looks stressed but other than that I don't water. My lawn consists mostly of a "weed" grass called nimblewill- it's a native plant that's similar in growth habit to St. Augustine grass but not as vigorous and usually does well when it's dry for a few weeks- at least here in the midwest.

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