• well it is obvious, western countries have thrived in comparison to those who chose not to use capitalism
  • Well it determines an venture, of heightening bare grounds, to express their legitimized worthiness, for those who have been conditioned and account corporate existence as beauty.
  • Capitalism is a form of economics which promotes the individual above the community. As society evolves and becomes more perfect, capitaism will fall away to be replaced by socialism, then communism. True communism, not that russian or chineese crap.
  • In the short term I think it is a good idea. But overtime it will never work. For you will see it fail too. For it doesnt provide any support for the society that it thrives in. So eventually it will destroy its self. So the rich will get richer and the get poorer. Then there will be an out cry against it. Its all greed. Looks at Crysler their CEO doesnt want to have to say no more bonuses to himself so they are going to go down the tube. And it will happen to other companys. America is failing. The government is bailing out companies and taking an ownership in them. That isnt capitalism now is it?
  • I believe it to produce the greatest good for the greatest number...without the totalitarian government loss of freedom and enslavement experienced by countries that impose such economic/social strategies of increasing socialism toward communism. A rewarding, capitalistic +5 is applied to your question. We can't give such rewards to ABer's in China, Viet Nam, North Korea, Cuba et al., since they are forbidden by their NON-capitalistic governments to be free-thinking, free-speaking, free-acting ABer's.
  • I don't like it.
  • It works in this country and will keep working no matter what socialistic overrides government sticks into our society.
  • Rather like Socialism: clever, but fatally flawed as the nature of the humans that invented it.
  • A fear that's hidden within us all.
  • The backbone of a well running economy.
  • It is an outdated, inhumane way of forcing society progress by inhumane exploitation. Fortunately it is now limited to North Korea and to a lesser extent Cuba, so hopefully it will have been replaced by Socialism in the next few decades, and then we'll all be on the path to an ideal communism where "to each according to their need and from each according to their ability" will be the rule.
  • Where it is worked and welcomed it is a good system. Where it does not work and it is not welcomed it is a bad system. It can't be implemented universally, nor should it. I am fine with being in a capitalist society - and although often partially practically connected, the economic ideology of my society is somewhat less important to me than the political ideology of my country.
  • It rotates around the consumer and it contains the seed of it's destruction in it's own womb.
  • A nice idea, that thrives upon greed. What kind of house is it that it's foundation is so shallow? A system that taken to extremes, often fills the bellies of a few, at the expense of the many, and emptys the soul.
  • It needs to be regulated.
  • It can't exist in it's pure form and that socio-capitalism is the cat's pajamas.
  • true capitalism in fundamentally flawed as it allows for complete domination of the rich

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