• I simply realize that there is nothing to be jealous about! I think the only way to conquer jealousy is to get rid of your own personal insecurity. They are one and the same if you think about it. Jealousy = Insecurity Once I feel secure with myself and/or my relationship, the jealousy just melts away because I am happy with myself. Feeling secure and confident with yourself will banish jealousy for sure!
  • Beleive it or not I don't get jealous. But i would think to control jealousy is to forget about what people are doing and what they have and worry about your own life.
  • I don't think I get jealous, so no need to have control over it.
  • I like to think about all the things that I am good at that other people might envy. And like with any feeling, I just embrace it and tell myself it's a natural part of my mortality. I've always been a quietly jealous person.
  • Love yourself..:)
  • Beer and smiles.
  • I do not typically get jealous, when I have I realized it was my own insecurites playing with my head, and I would tell myself I have no reason to be jealous, I am a great person.
  • just getting involved in your normal routine and forgetting about it most likely works for me. gives me a chance to cool down rethink it and go foward.
  • Reason, deep breaths, and distractions. I used to be a very jealous person. Now I recognize the faults in my logic about certain things and reconcile reality with my mind as best I can.
  • I ask a lot of questions until all my doubts are clear and I realize it's all in my head. Thanks god my boyfriend still answers them.
  • I am afraid that I do have a little problem there, it has caused rows, I guess some things you just cant help, maybe tone it down a bit by thinking first before you speak, but a little will always be there
  • I acknowledge that I am not the only person on the planet and am not and should not be the only person in my s/o's life. I hope that I am the most important though and put my trust in her. That's not to say there isn't a little teasing along the way...
  • easy just don't have any......and be happy for other people luck !!!
  • By quitting that area!
  • I control it by not having it as I have full trust in my wife.
  • I control it by telling myself I don't need what ever it is im jealous of.
  • I accept it and acknowledge it! I accept to myself that I'm jealous and tell myself it ok, afterall I'm human! after a while I feel indifferent. It works for me!
  • I don't have a problem with jealousy. Who would I be jealous of?
  • I never even let it even come into the mind's eye........ easy to say when single though.... I know every man can relate.
  • Easy. I date ugly women.
  • never really been the jealous type - but i have been jealous before and i just told the person to stop asking my girl to dance with him+5.
  • as far as jealousy in the relationship If I am doing my job right she will come home to me. If not and the guy she is talking/flirting to can make her happier than I will help her pack. After all isn't the meaning of Love wanting the others happiness?? As for what other people have Most I know are in debt up to their eye balls anyways so I do not want that
  • honestly, i think if youre a jealous person, that you can control it.
  • I'm not a jealous person on most things,that I'm aware of
  • I control it by acknowledging it. Psychologically... The things that you try hardest not to think of and therefore entertain are the very things that you will think about. Here is an example... DO NOT... Under any circumstances think of a yellow school bus right now! WHat are you thinking of?
  • I try not to compare myself to others. I recognize that no one is exactly the same and everyone's circumstance is different. It is one thing to admire someone and aspire to self-improvement toward that end, but quite another to harbour feelings of jealousy. I honestly don't feel jealousy often, and when I do, I mentally rebuke myself for it.
  • I don't let jealousy get to me and I just Ignore It and I mind my own business Instead.

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