• He did a terrible job on the Immigration issue.
  • Gawd, please. How could someone start with that topic? Sometimes it's better to just not show up for the party.
  • I think Bush missed an extraordinary opportunity to be a good president. It's really sad since he had eight whole years to do it.
  • when he moved his head to the shoe coming at him that would've been the best thing he could do in the end of his carrer if he had taken it but...:)
  • 1. He could have finished off al-Qaeda in Afghanistan before they moved to Pakistan and re-grouped, revamped and came back more powerful. 2. He couldn't capture Osama bin Laden to make a statement. 3. He could have been more reasonable and compromising when it comes to foreign policy and relations with foreign leaders. 4. He could have made more efforts to keep the budget balanced.
  • If any? Oh, man, you crack me up! Really, stop making me laugh so hard...
  • Oh I dunno. I think he took full advantage of every opportunity to propagate cronyism by starting illegal wars to support his rich supporter's interests. He certainly took advantage of his party's majority in office to overextend the power of his position. He took advantage of fear and international goodwill from 9/11 to suspend habeus corpus and propagate a tolerance for torture against international law. He raped civil liberties by spying on citizens of his own country without cause. I really just can't think of any opportunities he missed, our did you mean opportunities for reasonable and positive action instead of exploitation and unraveling the fabric of this nation?

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