• Venice Beach is a well-known beach in LA, as is Santa Monica Beach (with the amusement park on the pier). Other beaches are: Dockweiler Beach El Matador Beach Manhattan Beach Redondo Beach Zuma Beach Paradise Cove The following source rates the beaches in LA by different categories, such as surfing, people-watching, kids, romance, etc. SOURCE:
  • Well I have been to Venice Beach , Paradise Cove and Manhatten Beach ,did not see any muscle men either Very disappointing Venice Beach
  • Here is a list of Los Angeles County beaches from Most are not within the City of Los Angeles. I have added an * to those which are as best I can recall. 1. Descanso Beach 2. Crescent Beach 3. Pebbly Beach 4. Ben Weston Beach 5. Little Harbor Beach 6. Little Fisherman's Cove 7. Alamitos Bay Beach 8. Belmont Shore 9. Long Beach City Beach 10. Cabrillo City Beach 11. Point Fermin Park * 12. White Point County Park 13. Royal Palms County Beach 14. Abalone Cove Beach 15. Malaga Cove 16. Torrance County Beach 17. Redondo County Beach 18. Hermosa City Beach 19. Manhattan County Beach 20. El Porto Beach 21. El Segundo Beach 22. Dockweiler State Beach * 23. Mother's Beach 24. Venice City Beach * 25. Santa Monica State Beach 26. Will Rogers State Beach 27. Topanga County Beach * 28. Las Tunas County Beach 29. Surfrider Beach 30. Malibu Lagoon County Beach 31. Dan Blocker County Beach 32. Escondido Beach 33. Paradise Cove 34. Point Dume County Beach 35. Zuma County Beach 36. Broad Beach 37. El Matador State Beach 38. La Piedra State Beach 39. El Pescador State Beach 40. Nicholas Canyon County Beach 41. Leo Carillo State Beach 42. County Line Beach
  • Zuma and Point Dume are side-by-side beaches on the northern end of Malibu... In my opinion, they are two of the nicest beaches between Santa Barbara and Orange County. Dume has a steeper parking fee, but is, by far, my fav!
  • Point Dume, Zuma, Malibu, Will Rogers, Santa Monica, Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo,Long Beach, Seal, Huntington, Corona Delmar, Newport, Laguna, Dana Point... I have covered basically about 70+ miles of major beaches in Los Angeles County down to Orange County.
  • Here is a list of beaches in the L.A. area

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