• Yes. In fact, I'm sure the future already has them.
  • I hope not, the moral implications alone make my head hurt. However, we usually build/design/make things we shouldn't, so it probably will get built.
  • I think many have already been built, they just don't work.:)
  • Probably. The thing is that everything the future people did to change the past has already happened.
  • what a fascinating idea! have you ever read Michael Crichton's book 'Timeline', that's about time travel and i really enjoyed it.
  • I believe it already has been built and hidden from society by governments.
  • Realistically, no. Time is always progressive, never regressive. And nothing can alter that, unfortunately.
  • Probably. Do I think it would work? No. Time keeps marching forward and nothing's gonna change that.
  • No, because if time machines exist in the future, then someone would have already traveled back in time and killed Hitler, or saved Martin Luther King, or....;-D...
  • I'd think that would not happen even after 5 generations down the line. I've always thought that time is the one dimension that humans cannot physically manipulate; so a time machine cannot be built.
  • I'm riding into the future right now!
  • No. That is scientifically impossible. And I hope it will never be built (assuming that it is possible). If you did travel in the Past/Future, then would you be talking to real people or copies of other human beings? Wouldn't that make you wonder like: "Am I Real? Am I an illusion?" Time shall always be progressive... It's the way Nature works. God, of course, can predict by looking into the past or the future of someone. Don't ask me how He does it... Humans, somehow, are not able to travel into the 'other' dimension, for it doesn't even exist in the physical world. For me there is no Past or Future. There is only the Present. Time is only a 'Tool' created to measure the distance between certain happenings. Nothing else... So, everything happened 'today', including the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • time machine cannot be buiult its just a dream which will remain as dream, if your time machine is like a science fiction movie.
  • I hope not, I don't think humans will ever be responsible enough to handle such a device
  • Only in Science Fiction.
  • No, I don't think the world will last that long.
  • No... Its not possible. Ever. It just creates a paradox. Even the movies EVER created about time travel created a paradox. no....besides why would you want one. You would destroy the world, and it would like implode on itself or something.
  • Impossible!!! People would be immortal if they go back to the past. +4
  • I do not think so. If a time machine is ever invented, then surely people will then get the idea of visiting our time or a previous one. fx to take photos of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. At no such notable events have there been evidence of an influx of slightly weird people with strange cameras. Ergo, time machines are impossible.
  • No. Certainly not one that could travel back to the past. It is conceivable (but completely unlikely), based on the theory of relativity, that utilizing enough energy to totally obliterate the speed of light barrier that we could achieve something similar to going on a one way trip to the future. hard for me to put into words at the moment, but it would be nothing like time travel we see in movies. The closest I can come at the moment is the scenario where you shoot a twin into space at several times the speed of light (impossible for now and likely to always be impossible). When that twin returns, the other twin would have theoretically aged considerably. Not time travel in the classic sci-fi sense, but definitely a form of manipulating the time barrier.
  • Yes. Quantum physics indicates that it is indeed possible. And if you believe the tabloids, somebody from only about 100 years hence came back for some spare computer parts just a few years ago.
  • Yes they can be built. if you see through the new concept of 4-dimension,it's possible. if time is the fourth dimension then we can definitely travel along time axis like we travel along the other three. and for a time machine you can only go into the past as there is nothing like future and once you are gone you wont be able to come back cause your time will be future you have to live there upto your actual depature even if someone from future did any change in our past we would never be able to know that. And if you ever heard about tachyon,a particle moving faster than light then you would probably never deny about the possibilities of a time machine. All we need is to open our mind and see the vast chances.because never seen before does not mean that a thing does not exist.
  • Aye.. indeed and travel one way, into the future.
  • If it is at all possible to build one, it has already been done in some future time line, and you can bet we have already been f-ed with because of it. Hmmm, could Jesus have been... from the future???
  • Time travel is not only possible, we've already done it. The problem is, right now it's only possible to travel forward in time. Einstein showed that as you travel faster time slows down for you relative to a stationary observer. Here is a site explaining the details: In order to travel back in time, you need to travel faster than light, or use some interesting effects of wormholes. Read about them at wikipedia here: Today astronauts experience a small amount of time dilation while in orbit. Spending a year in orbit will put you about a half a second into the future! :)
  • yes look up the philadelphia experiments also tombs have been opened up in various places around the earth and they have found 20 th century items in them i mean these tombs are hundreds of years old with no evidence of them being tampered with prior to then being opened
  • No, and I don't believe in Vampires either!

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