• I don't think so. It's just a energy drink, to my knowledge.
  • Only when you mix it with vodka and get behind the wheel of a car
  • If you mix it with alcohol, it is. The engergy drink will boost your heartrate, while the alcohol is trying to slow you down. Your body gets kind of confused, and your chances are higher for something to happen. Note that nothing is GUARANTEED to happen, but it just increases your risk.
  • It's a very strong stimulant. If you are healthy and can handle all that caffeine, I suppose it is your choice, just like people who drink 3-4-5-6 cups of coffee a day. But if you are not healthy, it can and will increase heart rate, blood pressure and could be dangerous. If you need this over a cup of coffee to really get energy, there might be some health or sleep issue that you need to look into or address with your doctor.
  • It depends on what you mean by bad for you. A huge hit of caffeine like that will increase your heart rate and concentration for a period. Then you will get tired when the effect wears off. Caffeine is addictive, and when you stop drinking Red Bull habitually you will suffer withdrawal from caffiene. Red Bull also contains a lot of sugar (empty calories). I would say it is OK to have sometimes, but not on a daily basis where you are drinking it due to needing energy, getting adequate sleep and partaking in a balanced healthy diet will give you plenty of energy without the caffeine.
  • If you mix it with vodka or have high blood pressure it is
  • i must say i drink a lot of red bull and i am worrying about it be coming a problem i can dring about 6 cans a day it cant be good for me i am going to try and ween myself off them wish me luck
  • No, i really drink a lot of red bull but it does not affect bad on me
  • I'm not sure if this happens to everybody but my friend drank 6 redbulls in one day and his appendix burst. He had to go into surgery, or course, and then stayed in the hospital for about 3 days. I drink Redbull at least once or twice a week but I would never drink so many in a day.
  • in large amounts its really not to good for you.
  • Iam not sure...I hear all these stories that red bull casue your heart to go into cardiac arrest and that it can cause the lining of your stomach to deteriate. I drink about one a day and it does seem to bother me, but I have to admit they are addicting.
  • No worse than a couple cups of coffee.
  • All such sugary drinks are bad for you. But moderation is the key word.
  • Does it live in Ireland?
  • Like doing speed. chemically induced energy boosts are short and have a crash cycle. Listen to your body, find the balance. Moderation the key.

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