• The airplane crashed into the twin towers.
  • I was on a helicopter when there was a loud bang, & we immediately started dropping & ended up landing in a field to check things out.
  • I plane instantly lost altitude, the upper cabinets popped open, the masks came down........ I was flying with the husband.. 3 seat, no one between us. I undid my belt, but with all the crazy flying, I was thrown around. I could not get buckled back up next to my husband. If we were going down, we were going down together!! The result was fine, we all mad it, but I NEVER get on a plane without a pre-flight cocktail now. That didn't go over so well when I was flying out of Salt Lake City!!
  • hopefully I would never have. But there was one flight I was on, where in the turbulence was so great, as if we were in a roller coaster ride. I wasn't scared that time because I put my trust on the pilot of the aircraft. But when we landed, and got off the plane, my parents (whom were with me on the flight) told me that some of the passengers at the back were already crying, and that they also thought it would be our end. But thank God we are still alive.
  • I was flight instructing in stunt-flying, and my student accidentally ejected the door while we were inverted, and doing a snap roll. The wind hit me so hard, it blew my mouth open, and knocked my sunglasses, and headset off. I first thought we had had a mid-air. Another time, I was flight instructing, and we had a near miss while practicing minimum controllable airspeed. An overtaking aircraft flying straight and level at our eight o'clock came within probably thirty feet of colliding with us. There was no time to react - we were lucky. Another time, well that's enough for now.
  • Many years of flying, and the only close call was in a landing in Brindisi, Italy. There was a storm closing in and the wind was shifting and gusting fiercely. It was a VERY bumpy approach. Just as the wheels touched down there was a terrific side draft and the right wing hit the runway throwing up a shower of sparks bigger than a fireworks display. The pilot recovered and brought us safely to the terminal, but I was never so relieved to be off a plane and back on terra firma again.
  • Landed in Phoenix once. Bumpy as all get out, but we finally lined up and you see the ground outside the window. And when I say ground, I mean I thought we were going to feel the rear gear in a second. All of a sudden the left wing dipped. Looked over at the SO cause I knew that was it. We did another bounce, leveled out and landed. I said something about 'interesting landing' to the pilot and you could tell he was a bit shaken. Landed in Sarasota once. On the way down, we were in a storm cloud. Could barely see the end of the wing. Next thing I know it was like someone took a flash picture, like 1 inch from my face. Walking off the plane I mentioned to the crew, you may want to check the port wing. Lightening was RIGHT THERE. Not so much I'm gonna die, but landing in Utah (I know, that alone is I'm gonna die, but it was just a hop) we see buildings, grass, the fence of the airport, start of runway,.. FULL POWER. Oh crap, what is going on? As we do a go-around, the pilot announced the plane ahead of us missed his turnoff so was still on the runway.
  • Thankfully, nothing too extreme so far...although I do seem to have more issues with flight cancellations due to mechanical troubles than seems statistically normal. Some less-extreme 'pucker factor' moments Flying into Denver Stapleton Airport (replaced by Denver International several years ago) used to be a bit of an adventure. If you came in from the West, the aircraft would rapidly plummet after you cleared the Rockies in order to get to down to the airport. It was hard to tell if the dive was controlled or not. Another time, I took a 12-seat turboprop "puddle jumper" from Washington-Dulles to Baltimore. The plane did Dutch Rolls... . . ...the entire flight. In 1992, I flew to Honolulu, HI the same day that Hurricane Iniki passed through the islands and devastated Kauai. . I thought it would be tough going and that my flight my be turned around or diverted. But the pilot landed the L1011 as smooth as you please.
  • lol yea about every 5 minutes.
  • Not that extreme ... but when we landed in Aspen, CO ... the pilot pretty much plopped the plane down on the runway!! We thought something went wrong!! It was very scary. We found out later that they really have to do that since the runway is so short for the big jets ... happens all the time!!!
  • I travel very much, I have had two emergencies one due to fire and the other due to loss of altitude. I don't move or think about it I simply strap myself to my seat and wait for whatever is to happen. Best regards.
  • im not a very good flyer, so Inm always saying, : shhh, listen to that noise, whats that moving for......" not the type of person you want to be sitting next to!!lol One trip back from Hawaii, it was very turbulent, the pilot said , everyone buckle in, we are going through a thunder storm: it was pitch balck at night, the window shutters were down, I awas getting very panicked, at that moment, a man opposite us , pulled open his window shutter, there was this blinding light flash across the wing tip, I grabbed my hsuband, and yelled" we've been hit......". I then realised it was the flashing lights on the wing tip that I had seen, ................ LOL
  • Yea is as going to pereira, Colombia and we had a stop at bogota There was alot of turbulence which I didn't mind but when we landed one of the tires went out of control luckily we landed safely and the only bad thing that occurred was we had to spend the night in a hotel In case u don't know bogota is freezing compared to FL I couldn't sleep at all
  • Yeah I had an experience where I had a panic attack on a plane.....had had a few before that one but never on a was aweful....if the door of the plane could of easily been removed....I would of removed it and jumped out of the plane..........
  • Had a couple of moments flying into Denver and one flying into Anchorage Alaska. Alaska being the one that had me shaking badly.
  • In the 70's. Flying over water. I was having a cup of coffee after the meal and the attendants (stewardeses then) were collecting the dishes. The seat belt light came on and the attendants started moving faster. Then one came running up the aisle toward the front of the airplane, then another. Then the second one put the dishes she was carrying on the floor and sat down on the floor. She was gripping the frames that the seats are bolted to. This is going on about two rows a head of me. As I'm remembering what Sister Mary Francis said we should say and begining to say it the plane began to fall. As if the bottom was removed and nothing is holding me up. I see the try table in front of me with the cup of coffee about half an inch in the air above the table and the coffee rising out of the cup into the shape of a giant inverted brown teardrop and standing in mid air over the cup for about one second then I remember it as though I were being slammed back into the seat and the coffee going back into the cup and then splashing out all over. The dishes on the floor went every where and it was done. The pilot said that we had experienced an air pocket, whatever that is and that the airplane had dropped about 400 feet. I am to this day facinated that I conciously observed all of these little things going on around me in the space of about 10 to 15 seconds and remember them. Then there was the Golden West trip from Los Angeles to Port Hueneme. I did say what Sister Mary Francis told us to say, a couple of times. That's another story.

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