• Yes, there is alot of political correctness that people are offended by it, if not used properly. Everyone has an opinion and if you happen to step on someones toes with a different light on any subject, you will be attacked.
  • I mean people that ask questions, and people give them their honest opinions and they get downrated for not suger coating it or making it nice or anything. I mean say the truth and what you mean, but you don't want to offend anyone, but if someone honestlly asks, they don't want an honest answer?
  • Yes. I don't think people should be blatantly rude or offensive but it's unfortunate that we often can't speak our mind without softening it or worrying about how it will be taken if uncensored. I think the medium is partly to blame though. Non-verbal communication cues are missing in typed words and they add so much context to the words of a conversation.
  • Yes I am afraid that on occasions and on certain subjects people are very likely to get down rated for giving an honest opinion Regrettably it is not something we can do anything about , some people ask for opinions but they really only want opinions that agree with their own point of view.
  • Yes. I guess that makes me some sort of AB heretic.
  • YES. I'm continually getting downrated on a question for telling the truth on a recent question about fathers having a different blood group from there kids. I spoke the truth, that the mother probably had an affair. Boy people didn't like that idea! but you know what people, the person who asked it was asking for that exact reason, to confirm her ideas that her father may not be her father! Now just because you don't like the truth people, doesn't mean you should downrate it! I'm certainly not going to sugar coat the truth, so just deal with the truth, this is reality, not some game we are playing!
  • yes...everyone's truth is different...its hard to find truly open minded people here...i try to be as open minded as i can, but i'm sure someone could probably say that my opinions suck...oh well...
  • It's happened once or twice, but to be honest, I'm not giving my feedback to get points, anyway. Disagree with me all you want. You're entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine.
  • The truth isn't always fun, sometimes it needs a little spice.....
  • Yes. I don't care how far you downrate me, you're going to get my opinion. I, personally, am tired of being nice to everyone, so it's getting to the point where you only get my nice side if you deserve it. =)
  • No. I know that people get bad ratings for telling the truth and not sugarcoating the truth on Answerbag. It's already happened to others and myself.

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