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  • Hey at least you got your house cleaned! Give him some time.
  • Hey at least you got your house cleaned! Give him some time.
  • Well how long has it been?
  • Hey at least you got your house cleaned! Give him some time.
  • If he cleaned the house he clearly likes you, although he may not want to seem to pushy, and could be worried that you used HIM for a one night stand, even though its not the case.
  • Maybe, I am too suspicious, but have you checked your belongings lately? Is anything valuable missing? If he doesn't call after a week, chalk it up to a one night stand. Be careful on who you sleep with next time.
  • I think he likes you +3
  • I would just give it some time and see what happens. I think his intentions were good because of how he cuddled you and cleaned up afterwards. Good intentions do not mean he will call you back, though. I do not want to preach at you. It is usually a good idea, though, not to use alcohol when you meet up with someone you are just getting to know. I do not think you are dumb at all. I think your intentions were good also. I would wait awhile and, if you want to see him again, try to find a way to contact him, yourself. Good luck!
  • Erm. How dirty was your house that he found it necessary to clean it? That may have been the deal breaker. Sorry if you just meant he picked up a few bits tidying up and a little bit of washing up from the night before. If you have never had an intimate encounter before that night i.e. kiss, flirt, date etc then to me it sounds like a drunken one night stand (speaking from experience) they don't always just get up and leave as soon as you finish, some guys like a nice cuddle too. Sorry hun. There is a chance he might call you but don't build your hopes up. If I am wrong then great, nice suprise, I am pleased for you. However, If you have his number there is nothing wrong with you calling him ad hoc just to find out, you never know, he may just be shy or not sure you like him.
  • pretty sure he likes you! He would have ran out the next morning istead of helping you and asking for a number. He is probably asking the same question...
  • i think he thinks that alls he has to do is get a little alchy in ya and youll give it up. he probably asked for your number so he can call ya and do it again. im not saying i wouldnt have an on going sexual relationship with a girl that slept with me on the first night i met her. but i wouldnt take her serious as a gf
  • Check your valuables honey..If nothing is missing he may be a nice guy.
  • he came back and he called and now we are talking all the time . he is so sweet and im glad we met and we dont need drinks to have a good time turns out he felt the same way i did and he was just bein shy lol . im really happy !! thanks for the answers and comments !
  • Just bear in mind the biggest memory he has of you is some drunken broad passed out with a hangover and a place so messy he had to clean it. Not exactly a romantic memory.
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