• This is debatable, but most sources tend to agree that the ladies room is the best place to do touchups. Especially in restaurants, public transportation, your desk, et cetera. Work is debatable since some people have their own office or at least a cubicle to duck into for cover . At work it looks unprofessional to have your makeup bag spilled onto your desk while you primp on the clock though. However, most people just don't have time to go running to the restroom if their nose feels shiny. Discreet touch ups at your desk should be done when you are by yourself and can steal a quick minute. Here's what most people agree is acceptable in public (some of this is from the December 2004 issue of Glamour) -Squeeze on a small dab of hand cream -A quick gloss/lip balm application -Finger pat cream blush onto cheekbones -Sweep powder over nose -Use only roll on type fragrances to refresh your scent -Pull hair up/back -Quickly file a broken nail Not acceptable: -Slathering lotion onto every part of your body -Anything that requires the use of a cosmetic tool, i.e., a blush brush, sponge, mascara, eyeshadow. . . (except powder puffs as stated above) -Spray perfume or hair spray -Brushing hair -Meticulous touch ups of lipstick/lipliner -Apply nail polish, buff/file, or trim nails This is not a complete list, but should give you a good idea. Hope it helps.
  • I believe it is acceptable if it is just a quick job. As long as you aren't drawing attention to yourself or using it as an alternative 'activity' to show that you are bored, then do it discretely and quickly and I'm sure no-one will be bothered.
  • I find it offensive and vain. Something that should be done in private, like clipping your fingernails.
  • I beleive that some people think by doing so you are showing off. However doing it near a wall or corner wouldn't be bad as it's away from main street/place whatever.
  • You should go into the ladies' room or the men's, depending on your gender.
  • These days in Japan, it is now fashionable for young women to do practically everything they can on the train. It's quite amazing how completely different the younger generation are compared to their parents. It's not unusual to see girls putting on their clothes, setting up their own private little make up booths around their seats, putting on ALL their make up, various sprays, eye lashes; the works. Once I even saw a girl changing her knickers. Needless to say the older generation are totally disgusted by this new breed of Japanese and can't believe how shameless they are. Japanese girls are only ever holding one of two things, their "Keitai" (cell phones) or their hand mirrors. They really put the "allow" in "Shallow"
  • I say who cares, do your makeup when you want if people don't like it then that's your problem I dont think it would seem like your too into yourself, I think it would just show poeple that you care about your appearence.
  • I think it's okay for a "check", but I wouldn't get out the tweezers and the mascara in public.
  • What you believe (or don't believe) is what makes something Okay or not Okay; so go ahead and "beat your face" wherever you want to beat it, girlfriend. Society has put too many conditions on you as it is. I don't know how you guys (women) cope with stuff like shaving your bodies and wearing panty hose and certain kinds of restrictive undergarments. OY!!!
  • if it's around guys u shouldn't but if ur around ur friends and they don't mind or if they sometimes do it too then it'll be ok. but if it's like @ school then NNOOO do it in the bathroom i do that alomst every day!
  • I put my makeup on in the car whilst at traffic lights (red, not green lol). That said, if you need to lay out an entire kit, then perhaps you need to start getting ready earlier before you leave the house. Oh, and I think that lipstick and a touch up of powder or blush is okay. But perhaps it is more discrete to go to the ladies room where the light may possibly be more appropriate anyway.
  • there is public and public...they asked on radio what was the strangest thing people had seen others doing in cars while driving...there were many makeup ones, but the best was doing toenails!!!! I kid you not. LOL
  • If you ask me ill ask you to be natural without any make up .And this question will never bother you.
  • I don't see any problem with doing so.
  • it wouldnt bother me any
  • Visit the women's bathroom to touch up your makeup
  • It's ok in a private area.

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