• you definitely arent feeling too well (or at least i wouldnt if i had those symptoms) your doctor
  • I think you should check your temperature.
  • Take some aspirin (if you are NOT a teen), put some Vicks on, and sleep. If you are not better call a Dr.
  • Your hands being icy cold could be poor blood circulation and hence not related to the rest of your symptoms. Feeling weak and warm, for me, usually indicates that I am getting the flu or a bad cold.
  • Whatever that is, It sounds like it would be pretty odd if you weren't sick
  • sounds like a virus. The feeling weak is because you body is using histimies to foreign antigen your pyloric (fever) have kick in tring to keep the antigen from multiplying. Let your body run its coarse take vitamins if it continues for a week its not a virus but rather a bacteria and you need antibiotics to fight it.
  • Sounds like you have the onset of a fever, I'd take some tylenol, have a hot bath and go to bed.
  • hello everyone i have some answers that i wanna no my body feels weak my arms and legs feel weak like muscles get saw in my arms my legs get weak i get alot of radiation after i eat i feel sick and everyday mostly i have been feeling sick its like my body wonts to shut down i have been sleeping alot can anybody help me out i have been to the doctor plenty of times because of the pains in my stomache iam getting he reakons it could be a blatter infection so can anybody please help me out on this thank you

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