• Think back over the last few days or weeks. Do you remember doing anything that may have upset her and led her to keeping to herself? Sometimes you just need to open up the communication. :-)
  • What version are you on? I'm on 3.0.10 and it's a slight improvement over 3.0.8, which was a real PITA because it used 100% of my CPU to load a page on any site that I went to. 3.0.7 was very good but apparently it had a security issue that 3.0.8 resolved.
  • Could be the OS. What are you running?
  • .I always had Firebox, but lately I’ve been having computer slow downs, and other minor problem. I removed firefox, problems disappeared
  • Ever since around 3.0.2 I've noticed intermittent lockup problems. A few versions ago it was particularly bad, if Firefox had been up for a few hours and I went away from the computer, by the time I'd get back and started using it again it would seem to seize up (with the firefox.exe process taking 100% CPU on one core of my processor) for maybe 10 seconds every minute or so. I recently had this same issue and tried recreating my profile, this seemed to help, but sucks to have to go that route as a workaround rather than just have the browser not gobble up resources so greedily. Still though it's far, far better than IE6 or IE7 (haven't tried 8 yet, we'll see).

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