• I still am.
  • Yes. I was told I would be doomed to write bad SNL sketches for eternity.
  • I was teased endlessly at school and most of the time I would rather have been dead than go and deal with it.
  • Not without consequences. Whenever I was teased, I would catch them alone, and exact my revenge. The only people who teased me after that were either idiots or new kids who didn't know better, and it didn't matter how big they were, either. Tonya Harding wasn't the only person who could take out a knee.
  • In 5th and 6th grade, I was teased by the popular girls for developing breasts early and wearing a bra. They were terribly jealous of my bewbies all through middle and high school. Ha.
  • endlessy. i was very overweight. and goth. so the insults flew like there was no tomorrow.
  • Now that I think of it, I wasn't teased very much. I hated myself enough all on my own. I was called fat a couple of times, I even got 'pizza face' once. And guess what? A boy I liked in 6th grade was one of the ones who called me fat, and a boy I liked in 8th grade was the one who called me Pizza Face! Ouch! Geez, I would never go back. Not for anything!
  • Bigtime.I was always the smallest all through school.When i graduated i was 5'6 115 lbs.They wouldn't want to pick on me know.i'm 6'4" 245 lbs.LOL
  • highschool was brutal. :)
  • Yes every single day, grr i wanted to just drop dead. Wow kids can be soooooooo damn mean.
  • All the time. Glad I graduated.
  • I was until I wiped the floor with the big mouth's head. After that little incident he shut up real quick.
  • Yes, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade were the worst years of my life. I was teased by my so called best friend and another guy in 8th grade, I had every class with him and the teachers never lifted a finger to stop it. But what pissed me off the most is how at the end of the year the teachers casually joked and rewarded both of them for being such great students. In my senior year I shut off everyone except only my closest friends, turned out to be my best year. I'm glad to see other people talking about it. ;)
  • No. I was bigger than anyone else and I could kick their asses if I wished to.
  • I think everyone was at one time or another. I was teased when I was in elementary school, but little did they know that it would be their mistake. When someone teased me, I usually came back with something in a way to make them feel like they were the one being picked on.
  • The teasing in school was ridiculous. There were many times when I wanted to drop out.
  • Yes. I was called a lot of names including freckle-face, and made fun of for my "bucked teeth". Thank Goodness this "ugly duckling" turned into a swan! +3
  • That's supposed to be "Were", instead of "Where", right? Sure, wasn't everyone? Its what kids do. I was always the new kid, and didn't fit well into local pigeon holes. But I could reason and verbally spar well enough a tongue lashing was usually all that was required. On the few occasions it came to blows I was good enough they never came back for seconds! But they seldom bothered me enough to concern me more than my abusive home situation.
  • yes and bullied too
  • I was teased because I was shy and on the quiet side. Plus I did these involuntary tics . Years later I was diagnosed by a neuro with Tourettes. Back then the high school didn't know about Tourettes. I mean staff&students. Pllus my eyes are different colors. Blue and hazel.

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