• I don't know about Virginia specifically except to say I have seen this case come up in said state before. Only problem was the husband's girlfriend, that the wife wished to sue, was a minor. What a mess and it went nowhere. Virginia is a conservative state and does not look kindly upon divorce or adultery. However, it also has little tolerance for frivolity in the courtroom. So, that can either work for you or against you (that is NOT to say your claim is frivolous, but who knows how a judge might interpret such a novel suit). You will most likely have to discuss this with an attorney. I did see an article years and years ago where a woman did in fact successfully sue her husband's mistress for emotinal distress and for being a direct cause of the dissolution of their marriage. I am sorry to say that I remember very few details, but I do believe the husband admitted that he never would have wanted a divorce if he hadn't met the mistress. As you might have guessed, he filed so he could marry the mistress. A lot of conditions probably had to be just right for the wife to sue the mistress and win. Best of luck. Hope this helps a little. Sorry this happened to you, it sucks doesn't it? Been there, done that! :)
  • i live in the state of maryland can i sue my wife mistress for mental auguis , stree
  • The guy did not cause you mental anguish or distress. If you suffered these things, you did so because of your wifes actions. Some states have a tort called "alienation of affection." This basically allows you to sue a person for convincing your spouse to cheat on you. However, you generally have to prove that your wife still loved you and it was actually the guys actions who caused her to stray. Rarely is such a claim upheld.
  • Even if you were able to, whats the point. Your angry with her, angry with him but what will really come from all of this. An increase in laywers fees, litigation which drags out for ages, more hate and anger, the possibility of having to hear all the details of the affair. You and your wife did not work out. Its heart breaking, but be the better man and walk away to find someone who loves you.
  • Look up your local laws in Va. search for torturous interferance of a contract, marriage is a contract and he has no right to interfere with it.ignorance is no excuse . start by reading local laws,(in ohio we have the ohio revised codes) constitution of Va and the US constitution, domestic rules, civil rules of procedure
  • Your anguish is reasonable but you had no covenant with him like you did with your wife. As far as you are concerned it is all on her.

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