• Honestly...I dont think so... Everything goes from organization to disorganization... Not the other way around... its the one thing people "go around"...when trying to prove a point... so...I believe there was...a beginning.
  • No, we are not the begining I feel but the middle answer, sadly I do think we are called to disappear soon, not us in our lifetime but soon in time :(
  • As of yet, nobody knows for sure. Speculation is not my specialty.
  • The big bang theory indicates that there was a single dense point from which everything originated. The question of where all the matter came from to form that point cannot be answered, because it is asking what existed before time began. Suggestions about that include the idea that a previous universe condensed into that point, but asking where that universe came from, or how many universes might have existed before it, still cannot be answered.
  • In the beginning....there was nothing. Which exploded.
  • anything is possible

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