• Whip his ass or take him to a mental doctor. Give in and he controls and you lose big time. Whip his ass and he will cut the shit.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      shut the fuck up you abusive piece of crap
  • Laugh at him. If he thinks you aren't bothered by it he will stop doing it.
  • Ignore him yo...
  • Start doing some research on this. I don't know the answer personally, but you're not the first person to have this problem. It just HAS to be part of child psychology and there is surely a technique that works best. If you look for it you will find it.
  • What I would do is this...give him more support and quality time in ANY or EVERY other area possible, but not that one! I know your mommy instinct is going to want to "help" him but he is trying (rather desperately) to manipulate you! What would this look like coming from a grown man? He needs to learn to accept mom's rules.Rules that were made out of love and safety for him. Just ignore those fits of self destruction and focus your energy on supporting him in other areas. Otherwise he may try this as an adult and do some real damage! Yikes!!
  • I have training with this. Ignore his behavior and he should eventually stop. In the meantime, don't tell him "Stop hitting yourself, don't bang your head," etc. Tell him to do something else, like, "sit down, and start clapping to the music.' Then put on some really good music!
  • Ignore him. After a few of these "tantrums" he should stop because he doesn't get what he wants or any attention. When I was very young I used to throw amazing tantrums; throwing myself on the floor, pounding my head, feet, fists on the floor, screaming like I was on fire . . . My mother would just walk away, even in stores she made it clear she wouldn't give in. I was pretty stubborn, but so is she. I gave up after a few months (told you I was stubborn) because I realized all I got was a headache. However, if he continues after CONSISTENTLY not getting what he wants, you need to consider taking him to your family doctor. Eliminate any medical causes before taking him to a child psychologist.
  • how old is son?Please get back to me on this; i may be able to offer some info.
  • First, take him to a Doctor to rule out any physical or emotional problems. Then, train him. A great resource for training children is "Train Up A Child," by Michael and Debi Perl. It's a small manual in child training I found at a local Mennonite store. My children are grown, but still couldn't put this book down. You'll really enjoy the humorous style in which it is written. Best Wishes!
  • I don't think we know enough about the situation to give advice. There's some good suggestions here but we don't know what this child's level of functioning was before he started do this. Has he had any developmental issues so far? We also don't know if there's something going on in his life that has reduced his ability to cope. Has his dad recently died or moved out? I think you need to see a medical doctor and then a therapist.
  • Let him keep doing that.
  • hes kinda like me, he may have asburgers syndrome
  • Let your son know that for each ACTION ; that there is a RE-ACTION called "CONSERQUENCE " .... If this is an older child with a tc, video games in his room ... whenever he pinches, or bangegs his head ect ... he loses the TV or the video game consol; ect for TWO Weeks .. MINIMUM. IF this is a Younger child ; then take away his favorite toy(s) ect ... an hour early to bed ect .... Should the taking away not STOP this behavior ; then take to a child therapist to find out WHY this is happening ...
  • Ignore it. He does it because he knows how to yank your strings. It's the attention he wants and gets for doing it. Take away the reward and he will stop doing it.
  • go about your bussiness, turn on the TV.... ANYTHING BUT PAY ATTENTION TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DO NOT REWARD HIS BAD BEHAVIOR.... he knows EXACTLY what he is doing and get your attention and to get his way...keep letting him win and you wiLL BE SORRY FOR and the BLAme for such a chilD....IGNORE HIM AND TELL HIM WHRN "YOU STOP" I WILL listen and see what tHE DEal is" then smile and go about your business..a few times and he wil l get the message....same with a whiner!!!!! do not rewarD AS long as he is acting this way!!!!
  • Either ignor it or show him what pain is, a good but woopin should do the trick. How old is he?
  • Wow, seriously, that sounds like autism to me. not the real bad one, but some kind of. We have autism in our family so I know. I don't wanna scare you or anything but it could be. I'd send him to a children psychiatrist to be sure about it.
  • It sounds like he has difficulty handling his emotions (in this case, disappointment, frustration, anger). He might also be using this behaviour to get your attention. So, he needs to learn that using violence is not an appropriate response to his bad feelings, and that nothing good will come of it. He also needs to learn other ways to respond to and cope with the emotions he feels. The question is, how do you teach him these things? You could give him time-outs in his room whenever he uses these violent behaviours. You could suggest activities he may find soothing, or helpful in controlling his anger, like crafts, listening to music, or going for a jog or doing something else to vent his physical energy. // Clarification Edit: For instance, you can talk to your son, when he isn't angry, about how he feels when he's angry and how he seems to need help handling his emotions. You can suggest things he could do to calm down, so the idea is there before he gets angry again. Then, when he is angry, you can suggest he do one of these things you already talked about to calm down. If he won't try something, send him to his room for a time out. But if he goes so far that you're concerned he'll injure himself, these won't be enough. You might consider speaking with a family counsellor or child counsellor, and/or looking for books on anger management in children. You might consider bringing your son to his medical doctor, to see if there is a medical reason for his behaviour issues. Good luck!
  • No joke, I think you have a smart kid. What better way is there to convince a parent to let the kid have his way than to physically harm himself. You could tell him that if he keeps doing that, you will make him see a doctor or something else that he would not like to do.
  • How old is he? He is trying to get his own way. Don't give in.
  • Walk not pay any NOT give in and give him what he want just to pacify him...that's when he wins..because his behaviour has manipulated you into giving in to him.
  • Consult a psychiatrist. It's your best bet.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh yes, brand him as crazy for life, when his behavior might actually be a response to YOUR wrongdoing. Good one.
  • Some of the advice you have received here just breaks my heart. I had a brother with the same problem, and our parents gave him the same treatment you see here, taking away privileges, ignoring him and such. Eventually we discovered that he suffered from a severe mental disorder and if it would have been diagnosed immediately, they could have saved him a lot of heartache and punishment. Please have you son evaluated by a competent doctor and get his professional opinion regarding what can be done. I urge you to disregard the advice you have received here that relates to punishment and self administered behavior modification such as taking away privileges until after you have ruled out any medical or physical cause for this behavior.
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      Bless you Yarn Lady :)
  • Well, you have your opinion, I have mine. That's fine, but I think you're unreasonable to say I shouldn't have posted here without having children, and I also think you've been very rude to me without any cause.
  • when it really hurts he will become his own stop sign

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