• This is an excellent question. An excellent way of trying to make prolife people look cruel and mean. However, I have done research on this, and I have discovered that women are actually at greater emotional and mental health risk if they have an abortion. I have found that women who get abortions often experience lingering depression, and other mental problems. I compared this to the possible consequences of having the baby, and found that there are much greater consequenses for not having the baby. So the woman would actually be better off having the baby. And after that point, she could easily give the baby up for adoption. So there is no real penalty for keeping the baby. It's just that having an abortion is an easy way out of a small duty.
  • This is an excellent question; she should be able to terminate especially in those circumstances. Could you imagine giving birth to a baby that just happened to look just like the man that brutalized and traumatized you?! I can't and I wouldn't; and no woman should be forced to.
  • Many pro lifers believe that there is no acceptable reason for an abortion. I have seen what the brutal rape of a 13 year old leaving her pregnant can do to a person, I could never be so cruel as to deny her an abortion.
  • It is a general acceptance among pro-lifers that rape babies are not allowed to be aborted either.
  • I feel that if the person is healthy and wants to have the baby and give it up for adoption is very noble, but if she chooses to abort the baby that is understandable, but even in the religious aspect I dont think that getting pregnant by rape is a way it is intended and this is a very hard question to answer but the thing is the baby did not ask for the life it was given and in the same manner do we have the right to end that babies life? too many think so, which is not the question at hand, of course, I have 3 daughters and if one of them got pregnant by rape and decided to abort the baby I would have to be of utmost understanding with them, because a baby is a precious gift from God and it would be hard for me to see them go through so much emotional trauma and because they are my daughters I would not want them to suffer any more trauma and if the baby would have to be aborted to get them through emotionally then yes I would feel it was to be allowed
  • Doesn't mean your baby will come out retarded or anything just cause she is raped... Unless it's going to be a condition where the mother is going to have complications giving birth, I see no reason why she should abort... But I am not necessarily pro-life, but if she wanted to keep, I see no reason why not...
  • I would say you would find close to 90% of pro lifers would deny an abortion on any grounds ... now remember these are the same people who also would deny " death with dignity " and would rather see you a total vegi with no self respect. So you can see their inane way of thinking will always cloud their so called judgement on this issue. I am by the way NOT a pro lifer and think that abortion is always up to the woman
  • post-abortive women were found to be 41% more likely than non-aborting women to score in the "high-risk" range for clinical depression. Furthermore, in response to a self-assessment question administered in 1998, aborting women were 73% more likely to complain of "depression, excessive worry, or nervous trouble of any kind" an average of 17 years post-abortion. ( ) Many are unaware of the link between abortion and breast cancer (ABC link) The American Journal of Psychiatry reported that of 500 post-abortive women studied, 43 percent showed immediate negative responses. That number grew to 50 percent in a later review. Additionally, up to 10 percent of the women surveyed were classified as having developed �serious psychiatric complications. &categoryid=life) Sounds to me like having an abortion, especially after being raped which could already have put you in a depression, would not be a good thing.
  • I have a friend that is the result of a rape. His mother chose life. Why make a bad situation worse with murder? God has to give a soul to every conception, if he does not there will be no conception. He does not give the soul once the baby crosses the vagina!
  • A child is in that woman's body - not a rapist child, but an innocent human baby, that has nothing to do with the rape. yes it as conceived in rape - but that baby is 100% innocent. Every look at a new born baby - they are not rapists, they are not junkies, they are just waiting to be loved. That's what every single one of us have wanted from birth - to be loved.
  • Well, considering that pregnancies rarely result from rape (less than 1% of abortions are from rape/incest) I would have to say that I would not deny a woman who was already traumatized that decision. However, I also happen to know that a young, frightened woman who has had an "accident" with her boyfriend may also be tempted to say she was raped (by some one she didn't know, of course) to spare herself the pain and embarrassment of telling her parents that it was her own choice to have sex. I'm not saying that rape isn't a horrible thing, just that usually the trauma is so intense that it will not result in pregnancy in most cases. I especially think that the Plan B (morning- after pill) should always be offered immediately to rape victims as a means of prevention. At any rate, abortion in the case of rape should always be an option because as a compassionate person, I could never tell a woman that she would have to carry her attacker's child. HOWEVER, what concerns me is the other 99% of abortions. It is a shame that so many children die because they are inconvenient and unwanted.
  • She should be able to choose without interuption
  • If everything is a god's will, rape is god's will. The real question is: Who in their right mind would worship a deity who allows rape; who allows babies to be born with serious retardation and/or horrible heath confitions; who allows miscarriages, the result of which for many women is future infertility? Why would anyone think THAT is an ok policy? Imagine if George Bush went around raping people and signed an executive order banning all abortions? The only difference is one's supposed to be a god and the other just thinks he is; the results are the same. This is why I don't believe. Its too horrific to be true that a benevolent god would intentionally cause so much suffereing. I'll never understand the 'god's plan' concept...
  • Having an abortion because of rape sounds like trying to punish the rapist by sacrificing an innocent baby. Not only will there be the trauma of the rape, but there will be the trauma of an abortion, and the long term psychological effects of killing a human being.
  • Unfortunately, abortion has come to be viewed as a minor medical procedure instead of the willful death of a human being. My wife went into labor extremely prematurely, a few months ago, and our tiny little son Daniel was stillborn right on the cusp of the first and second trimesters. By that point, he had two little eyes, a nose, a mouth, ten little fingers and ten little toes, identifiable genitalia, and even a little dimple in his chin that still makes his mother cry, because it was just like the one I have. We had seen his little heart beating in ultrasounds, while he spun around, kicked, and even gave us a little wave. Needless to say, today—Mother’s Day—is extremely difficult for both of us (more especially my wife), as it is now a reminder of not only the two children we have with us, but also the one we don’t. I mention the foregoing to help other people recognize how real a child this small already is. It’s a living person, not just an annoying bunch of cells to remove like a cancer. Now…. All that having been said, rape is an indubitably horrific experience, the likes of which I cannot begin to understand. Life is not simply a matter of black and white, right and wrong, where the same decision is the right answer to every situation. Nevertheless, there are *general* rules that are therefore appropriate for the majority of situations, and in most cases, giving birth to the child is *by far* the better option. It’s a life we’re talking about here, and unless the pregnancy is causing severe and irrevocable mental and emotional damage to the mother, I see no reason an abortion should even be considered. What constitutes “irrevocable mental and emotional damage”? That varies from person to person—hence the “black and white” comment—but I guarantee it’s a lot more than some people’s feeble justifications for what could otherwise be considered premeditated murder. * * * * * Just as a postscript, allow me to remind you that there are thousands—probably even *millions*—of couples around the world that are just *begging* to have a child, and every last one of them has been cleared by their respective government to do so (which is a *lot* more than can be said for us biological parents). Yet somehow, the world has gotten turned so completely upside down that adoption is seen as a selfish decision. Many people have convinced themselves that raising a child in a lousy (or even just less-than-ideal) situation is selfless, that to love that same child enough to place him or her in a home with a loving and capable father and mother is somehow selfish. What people don’t seem to realize is that adoption isn’t giving a child up; it’s giving him or her *more*. Just my 2¢. Enjoy ’em!
  • No. The rapist could have a mental background, aids, criminal background, drug addict and many more health condoning afflictions that would effect the woman and the baby. Women should always have the right to an abortion in rape cases.
  • The person who should get the death penalty should be the one who committed the crime.
  • She should definitely be allowed to terminate the pregnancy if that is what she wants to do. It is the womans body,and its not as if she is in a relationship with the man who impregnated her.
  • I wonder if any of the pro-lifers have ever been raped by a total stranger? Would this change their mind?
  • Ok would you keep a child that was concieved out if incest like a brother or father raped their sister or daughter?? I dont agree in life at any cost and it could be deformed so she should be able to terminate why bring another disabled or unwanted child into this world to be negelected or abused
  • Nor should boys who are victims of statutory rape be forced to write their rapists a check for 18 years.

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