• The space race started when the Russians won it.
  • It was primarily the awareness of the potential danger of any nation placing nuclear weapons in space. Without a space travel capability, it would be difficult if not impossible to counter that. Also, the race to the moon was primarily driven by national security concerns. If you think about it, the moon is basically a space station you don't have to build and that would always being hanging overhead.
  • Ego !!!!!!!!!
  • Defense Dept.
  • The Space Race was an informal competition between the United States & the Soviet Union to see who could make the furthest advancements into space first. It involved the efforts to explore outer space with artificial satellites, to send humans into space, & to land them on the Moon. The Space Race effectively began after the Soviet Launch of Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957. The term originated as an analogy to the arms race. The Space Race became an important part of the cultural, technological, & ideological rivalry between the United States & the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Space technology became a particularly important arena in this conflict, because of both its potential military applications and the morale-boosting social benefits. :-)

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