• Not according to the CDC, based on this: But, in my opinion, anything you do to keep your own immune system working well, including getting the flu shot, can't hurt in the long run. N.B. I am not a medical professional.
  • On the contrary, I watched a news story on our local NBC affiliate last night, on which a doctor spoke about how this years flu shot would or would not protect us against the swine flu. It was his opinion that in about 50% of the people at risk, "could be" protected. He went on the say that due to the expected mutation of the virus, next years flu shot might be totally different from this years. Another doctor was quoted as saying that Tamaflu would help in about 50% of the cases; that the flu shot would not help at all this year. Makes you wonder who knows the real truth!
  • It should, but then it most likely won't.
  • I doubt it. A flu shot given in October doesn't even protect you from all types of flu, just certain strains. The problem with Swine Flu and other dangerous diseases that may cause an epidemic is that they are drug-resistant so there is no protection By the time a formula is developed to protect it is too late. These bugs keep getting stronger and stronger. :(

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