• Hell of a role model literally.
  • Child abuse.
  • sick! and painful!
  • Dispicable... its more than just the actual tattooing. The worst part for me is the kind of life that means he wants for his son. His loyalty to his gang before his son.
  • he loves his gang but not his son
  • The father is a complete moron. He should have his kid taken away from him. Give that kid a choice to choose whether or not that lifestyle is for him. That poor kid has to walk around with that on his chest for the rest of his life. Who was the tool that tattooed that on his chest anyways?
  • Selfish and cruel.
  • Child abuse. This person should have not been a father. I really hate it when people have kid's that do not deserve them. That count's for a lot of people these days unfortunatly. No wonder this world is going to shit.
  • That's disturbing.
  • Actually, I'd challenge ANY of you to tell me...what's the difference between a child getting a tattoo and an adult getting one, really? 1) Permamnent tattoos-placement is shortsighted and stupid, regardless of how old you are. Not only that, but it is based on pagan religious rituals, which most people don't even know. 2) A child can get one removed eventually, exactly the same as an adult can, through laser-removal. 3) If 7 years-old is "too young", what about 8? 9? 10? 11? 12? 13? 14? 15? 16.5? Wouldn't any specific age be arbitrary!?
  • I think that the father is probably a hurting mess inside...I think that our world is sometimes a lonely and confusing place, I feel bad for him actually.
  • He may be an enthusiast but a fool. Without even knowing what his child may turn out to be, he spoils his skin!
  • Stupid father. The child has to go to school and take part in sports and swimming. He is stuck with the tattoo for the rest of his life.
  • I think I just spilled my angry cup over.
  • WoW!!!!... Who does that?? WTF is this world comming to. Not for nothing but the mother im sure she knew her kids father was in a gang, why would she let him spend his easter vacation with him, I think she should be at fault to not for nothing, but i guess we can give her some brownie points she called the cops on him, so now he has 5 chargers on him and his partner who tatted the child has 4 charges.
  • Sick..
  • Pretty sad. i understand that the kid was screaming and did NOT want the tattoo. it is an inhumane thing to do.
  • You need a licence to own a dog but they'll let any dumb son-of-a-bitch become a father!
  • This ranks right up there with the moron that named his newborn child "Sarah McCain Palin" on the birth certificate during the campaign without consulting his wife. The guy should be beaten with barbed wire for the abuse.
  • Oh, Dear, I feel the minus's comming already! At least this father is paying some kind of attention to the boy. What about all the father's who leave, or just ignore their children? NO, I don't advocate forcablly tatooing a child, but then I don't advocate many many things which people do to their children which are far worse than this!
  • a sick man.5
  • From my perspective this is imposing harm on an innocent child. The first reason is that, however much you claim tattoos to be removable, it does mark a child for life. Tattoos are painful and it is akin to rape or the ritualistic genital mutilations imposed on children in tribal cultures without rational ethical premise. Also,Tattoos can leave scarring on the skin of a child that will grow exponentially over the next 8 to 10 years of his life. The last reason I will give here is that the child is in no mental state to make such a life choice for himself and given all the information and experience he has yet to acquire may very well break from his parent's views. Parenthood is about preparing a child for making their own decisions as an adult and not about imposing our views on children forcibly.
  • WTF!?! Pathetic!
  • he should be shot after his child is taken away from him. This is definitely child abuse!

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