• I usually try to wipe it all clean but most of the time little scraps which are too little to pickup, are left.
  • Everything, but probably shouldn't. Had 7 siblings and food was scarce as a kid.
  • I was always taught to "clean my plate" so I eat everything up there. I just make sure I start out with small plates so I don't stuff myself...cuz I will. It's a habit.
  • At least in ma home, i finish every thing up! lol
  • I eat it all. It drives me INSANE when someone leaves like one more bite on the plate OR in the pan. As if leaving it there means something. I don't get it? I gripe about it all the time with my son. +5
  • Depends is all I can say.
  • I come from a big family and you ate everything on your plate quickly because there would always be one of the bigger kids ready and just waiting to pounce on your plate. And, there were no 'inbetween snacks' either. Just 3 square meals a day and, if you didn't eat it, you went hungry till the next meal. Try telling that to my son but hey - youth of today! LOL
  • I was raised to eat everything on the plate even if you didnt like it, you ate it and tasted it later; also you didnt get anything to drink until you ate your dinner, water takes up room in your stomach. if you couldnt finish your dinner than you got more chores the next day because clearly you didnt work hard enough get hungry.
  • I leave unattractive things. Hahaha. lol
  • Depends on what it is and how hungry I am at the time! At Thanksgiving I positively gorge myself! It's awful!
  • I usually eat everything. When we eat out and I don't, I take the rest home.
  • Always leave some - I am not one of those clean your plate crowd and stop eating when I am full. I believe that the obesity in America is not so much fast food as the huge portions people eat. Restuarants are very guilty of giving you way too much food and I wish they would offer 1/2 portions.
  • My mother called it 'last bite syndrome'. I have always left the last bite of each food on my plate (okay, except chocolate or cheesecake).
  • I usually leave at least a bite or two, my stomach seems to start to turn towards the end...unless it's bacon wrapped scallops.
  • i wipe it clean with a slice of bread. then I lick it clean so it is ready for the next meal.
  • We clean our plates down to the color under the glaze! (And it shows.) Usually eating out, the portions are so HUGE that we usually leave some sides, but at home, all bets are off and keep your fingers off each other's plate, or you could lose a digit!
  • Can't you tell?

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