• Every day.
  • Yeah, like those religious conservative parents that have their kids wearing "God hates fags" shirts. Or those kids in the store that can't have any type of fun because their parents are so strict the kids look like disheartened slaves.
  • yeah totally. yesterday when i was in the hospital waiting room, this woman came in with her two children, they were being perfectly well behaved, dressed smart an everything, and this woman is like "wait here, dont do anything, just sit there. dont you let me down, dont fight. i'll be very disappointed in you, just sit there. be good" and was just reeeaaaly harsh to them. they sat there good as gold while this woman had her scan, then when he came out, shes like "were you good???" and theyre like yes, all timid. they looked like really good children, and she was just....urgh. it annoyed me.
  • No... I do stuff with my parents all the time, and I have a good time with them.
  • yes i have and its quite sad,i'v also seen parents with there kids and felt sorry for the parents lol.
  • To many times some people should never be aloud to have children, oh I wish it was as black and white as that.
  • Yes I feel sorry ! I DON"T have any children!!!! lol
  • Sadly, I do. The bad part is that so often kids have no "voice" when they're not being treated properly. It's just a shame.
  • yes many times
  • Very often.
  • Well aren't you all good JUDGMENTAL POS's. You'd make good Christians! Just stand there and contemplate how your thinking is superior to that of others, and scorn at them, even if unspoken, just send those waves of condemnation and hate towards them, and make yourself feel superior. YAY!
  • Yes, and sometimes the other way around, too!

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