• how can i make my stock motor 2.2L accord wagon red line faster
  • Hey, cool. Fellow tuners... Alright. First up. The front bumpers will fit, and (if they are 4-door length) the side skirts will fit. unfortunately, the rear bumpers from sedan and coupe body-kits are not the same shape as the non-wagon rear bumper... look for a wagon rear bumper, and you're in the clear. BTW, I drive a '94 wagon and it took me forever to find a body kit that would fit the wagon. Second... making your car redline faster. power adders. bolt-ons. whatever you wanna call them. ECU upgrades, while expensive and requiring professional installation) allow you to "take off" the virtual restraints Honda put on your engine. A high flow intake and FULL exhaust system will allow your engine to breathe better, but you might have to go back to that ECU and make sure the car will run properly with the O2 sensors getting readouts that might force them to hinder performance, rather than gaining it. None of these options are cheap... if you want a fast car, you're going to have to pay. There are a wide variety of ways to make your car drive (and look) better. It's up to you to decide what to do... a good place to start (and this isn't advertising) is you can order parts online and have them shipped to your door. everything from bodykits, lambo doors, and light assemblies, to turbos, exhausts, and timing gears. check it out and look on the web to get ideas and make your car... yours.

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