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  • 1) He doesn't really love his wife or care enough about her feelings. 2) Lust. 3) He likes the "danger" / it is his fantasy / he is selfish. 4) Lack of sense. 5) Lack of thought. ... I could go on.
  • Selfish, greedy and no moral fiber.
  • Something is wrong with him and his wife. You can't get anything good out of involving another person in your sex life with your wife. A 3some is one thing, a 3some with your bueno.
  • He's a Pig
  • Immature. Selfish. If he loved his wife he would see no other. If she satisfied him he would need no other. But if he's a selfish pigtrying to lie and say he cares for his wife, you've got this man. There's no need for her to bend over backwards to satisfy only his needs, if she's going to do that, he hsould be fine with have a three-some (two men, one woman) and her having a man off on the side.
  • Is the man happy? Is the wife happy? Is the third happy? If the answer to all the above is yes, then it really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. Relationships have their rules and as long as all parties involved agree to and abide by the rules, it doesn't matter if the rules aren't "typical" compared to what the rest of us do. It's hard to say he's cheating when his wife is fully aware of it. If he were going behind her back he'd be at fault. If she wants him to quit and he doesn't, then there's an issue. But it sounds like everyone's OK with the arrangement. It's strange, but what matters is whether it's working for the people involved in it.
  • I think you know that you're answering your own questio when you put quotes around happily
  • So, if he is correct, may be his wife dont like sex too much, so what should he do, he has to go to other lady for sex, not bad at all, keep on doing it, as long as your wife dont satisfy you.
  • This man is unworthy of that fine woman who promised to love and honor. She needs to leave him and get a divorce. She needs to find a "real man." Marriage is not just to satisfy needs. It is about "love," which he knows nothing about, and about "trust" which he has just shattered and about "respecting" the wife and her position in the home. What really surprises me is the fact that she did not leave him when he proposed a "three-some." She must have a real co-dependency problem and suffers from low self esteem. She probably was abused as a child and does not know any other way. Or she just can't live without him, so he treats her like a slut. She really needs to stand on her own two feet, build a network of emotional support and leave the jerk.
  • One word....GREED!!!
  • Hmmm,sounds to me like this man is a selfish person who has always had to have his way in the past and is now trying to do it now by using control tactics to get his wife to do what he wants. She loves him and is afraid of losing him. This is a new,very young marriage and she wants to keep him and fears losing him and wants to make him happy when in fact she is so hurt,betrayed and scared inside. What a pig you are man! You don't love her,you just love the fact that you have your thumb on her and can control her like a puppet. Why is it that the good woman always get a man like this?? The little woman works,keep a clean little house,cooks great meals but its never enough for pigs like the man your talking about. He will never be really happy and will never be able to keep a relationship or be a commited partner to any woman. He'll end up a old wrinkled sorry old man with no family and only his perv memories laying on a pee soaked bed in a nursing home and never having any one come to see him. Let her go man,she deserves a real man,not a boy that thinks some porn movie he saw is what woman are supposed to do. What goes around comes around...
  • Happily and "happily" are two different things. I think the question is not properly formulated. Sometimes there are many pscycological factors at play. For example, insecurity, unsuccessful sex, jealousy, revenge, etc. You, guys, should not place all negatives on the husband, especially, if he like 20 years old virgin :-). We also have promiscuous apes as our ancestors - millions years of ancestry vs. thousand years of brain washing... well... I agree they are all pigs :-)
  • Apparently because he can.
  • Sounds like a messed up relationship to me.
  • not done growing up is what it sounds like.
  • apparently they are swingers. it is not cheating unless the spouse does not consider it acceptable. by having a 3some with them clearly she finds it ok
  • Non-committed, and definitely not together as one with his wife intimately.
  • Hes not happily married and he's too Immature to be in a long term relationship.
  • He's a slut. point period.
  • Fantasy??? I suppose if the wife allowed it, then he does it. ...or maybe hes addicted to sex. Sure she satisfies his needs, but still wants more...but hell be chasing that rainbow for the rest of his life and never be content...not a good place to be. Expecially in the end.
  • Because he's not a happily married man, men that do those things and woman that put up with those kinds of things have self eesteem issues, not to mention are very insecure!
  • Of course his wife satisfies his needs. He's doing what he wants sexually. He has his cake and he gets to eat it too, with her blessing apparently. Are you the third person in this triangle?
  • i am trying to figure out why the new wife brought this bull of goods. if she puts up with it, she deserves it. she should have dumped him right away.
  • His wife must have an IQ of three. Apparently his wife condones this behavior and has even joined the party. This relationship was doomed from the beginning. Its her move.
  • First; he is NOT "Happily" married if he is doing this ... The wife needs to re think this HAPPY situation ... He is LYING thru his pearly whites to her and she is buying it ... IF she would THINK ; she would realize that that a CHEAT is a CHEAT , no matter what or how he professses it to be ... +5
  • What difference does it make to anyone else how he and his wife conduct their intimate life? As long as they are happy with it then it's nobody elses business.

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