• None at the moment,in our entire housing development. All but two of the ones that were sold (a total of about 15 this past year) were sold when the price finally came down low enough. I live in an older, more established community, so the turn over/foreclosure was not as serious here. I did see the so-called value of my house triple and then level back down to the price we paid 12 years ago. We refinanced when it was way up there, so now owe more than it appraises for, but the payments are well within our reach. We also purchased a home for my son when the prices dropped.
  • only one that I can think of.. maybe more
  • Just one !
  • there are quite a few here for sale, the utilities here are crazy, we just bought our home last year and the utility bill for a month here for water sewer trash and gas has not been under 200 pr month!
  • None. This area has higher value houses than the average. It's a bad time to sell but a good time to buy.

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