• Yes. Robbed wasn't nice. Kidnapped, was a simulation for a military exercise but it still wasn't fun.
  • I've never been kidnapped. I don't know about being robbed...
  • Yep. Took my wallet, and not my McDonald's bag. Surely can't say that this guy was just hungry and acting rash.
  • Not robbed..well as in someone coming up and robbing me..I was robbed in a high tech Kidnapped and dragged around several states by the same one that robbed ex..LMAO :)
  • Burgled, not robbed (implies a weapon) Drove from Lafayette, Indiana, with my brother, to New York, Manhattan Island, a few days early to get a friend from the base at Ellis Island, and drive him home for leave. We picked him up so he could show us to our hotel, and went there. It wasn't a good one... Room the size of THE king-size bed, bathroom in the hall, super-thin walls... We decided against it. We went to a couple of other places, and found one called the "Marquis de Lafayette" between Park and Fifth Avenue in the shadow of the Empire State Building. Locked the car, went in, talked to the desk clerk, had to pay for the room, went up to check it out, it was OK (only), went back down to get our stuff from the car, and found it open, a screwdriver on the floor. Thought it had rolled from under the seat, and got in. Looked in the rear-view mirror, and my relatively new 6-string guitar I'd brought with me to play while we were waiting was gone... Briefcase with my poems and songs, house designs, and a lotta pens and paper in it was gone... $39 AM/FM radio was gone... cheap-ass camera was gone... Called the cops. Called them about 45 minutes later. Called them about 1/2 hour later, and had to take my friend back to Ellis Island. Of course the cops showed up while we were gone. Got back to the room about 3AM, went to sleep. Got up about 7AM, because we had to move the car (no parking 8AM to 5AM - something like that). Drove a little while to try to find another place, and couldn't. Found a garage a couple of blocks from the hotel, and went back. Called Dad (insurance agent). He said to call the cops and file a report... required by insurance to compensate. He also said that where we were staying wasn't the best place in the area! I called the cops. A little while later, a couple of cops showed up. While I was telling the guy EVERYTHING I lost (including the pens, pencils, paper, etc. LOL), the other guy stood inside the door, "dancing"... What I mean is he bent this way and that way, looking in the closet, under the bed, into the bathroom, etc. And, that was that. We walked around the block, looking down alleys to see if we'd find the briefcase, at least (nothing of REAL value to anyone else there), and found nothing. That night, we went back to the car to get something (I don't remember what), and on the way back, this girl grabbed my brother (he was about 15 at the time), and an older lady (probably 40-50) grabbed my arm, and suggested we all go somewhere and have some fun. This guy on the corner came forward, said not to do it, that they'd get us wherever we were going, when we took our pants off, they'd steal them and leave, leaving us with no money, no id, etc. LOL The older lady HISSED at him (literally), and the girl "shot daggers" at him, and they left. We went on the hotel, saw an ad on TV for a place a couple of blocks away, went there the next day, rented it, got our stuff and stayed there for the next couple of days, until my friend went on leave. Oh... One of those nights, we went on a subway somewhere, and had a panhandler bug us for 50 cents for about a block. (My friend had warned us about them, and we ignored him the whole way.) New York made a GREAT first impression on us Midwest Boys. ;-)
  • Nope, and try not use CAPS.
  • Yup, in Daytona Beach, Fl. Our safe box in the hotel was broken in.
  • Kidnapped, not yet. Robbed, yes. Dipsh*t brandished a large-*ss knife and threatened to stab me if I didn't fork over my mobile phone. If you live in a third-world country you'd have to be very lucky not to get robbed. (for kidnapping, you'd have to be filthy rich, but they again you can just get nabbed and be taken to a facility where they can take your internal organs - urban legend)
  • You scared me! You are yelling this question!! AWWWWW! LOL I haven't been robbed or kidnapped. Thanks goodness! Have you ever been? Good question! +5
  • Yes to both. Sounds bad, but... The kidnapper was my nut job uncle. My sister and I were never in danger. My store has been robbed four times, my home once. No one was there when it happened. I was held up at table leg point once, but a customer over powered the guy.
  • Robbed by 2 guys one with a gun to the back of my head the other kept saying just shoot him.
  • Yes, I had my car stolen when I was In high school,but the important part about It was that I found my car with some minor scratches and dents.
  • I had my car stereo stolen, and when I was young they broke into my parents' home and stole lots of stuff.
  • I've never been robbed or kidnapped. Although when I was a teenager, I had many dreams about being kidnapped...Weird.
  • No I haven't had either.
  • my car was broken into twice and my home was much more unnerving to have my home broken into...we figured the guy spent about 7 hours in the house going through things...and he went out the front as i came in the back...he did find a little cash and two pieces of jewelry that i hadn't "put away" but he didn't find about $40,000 worth of cash and jewelry. i have since put it all in the safe deposit box.
  • I was Burglarized TWICE in my lifetime .... This last guy is doing FOUR years in a Florida prison , as I tracked his azz down .
  • My sister and I were robbed twice, they only took items belonging to me once. My ID, which they used to steal my identity. So depending on your POV, both have happened to me. :P
  • Nah, just thieved off.
  • My Camcorder and Nikon camera both got stolen, totaling up to $650
  • i have been robbed for several times more than I robbed others but not kidnapped yet... I almost wanted to be adultnapped and taken to a place better than this for a bit... but after hearing about the ending of the war on drugs I think we are back on our way here towards true freedom.
  • I was never kidnapped. I was robbed twice by burglary though. Never armed or strong arm robbery.
  • I get robbed every time I fill my car with gas.
  • I used to travel out of the US often and my company would always provide a driver/security person in the country I was in. They did not want me to be kidnapped.

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