• She was a gourgeous girl from out of town somewhere I forgot where she said, but we became friends and we knew each other for about 4 months. Then as my senior year came to a close she asked me to take her to the upcoming prom even though she was a sophomor at the time. I said sure I will then she said really twice in unbelief and excitement. Before that I thought I was never going to get a date for the prom and simply reframe from going. But I decided to go when she asked me. I foolishly however, asked this other pretty girl to go with me to the prom too just to see what she would say. I thought for sure she would say no,but she said the opposite yes! I was like oh no what have I done now I have two prom dates. I eventually told the second girl that I couldn't take her to keep my word to the first girl who asked me. I think she was a little disappointed with me but we still were friends. I haven't heard from her for a while now. While we were at the prom we stayed for a few hours then she came to me crying. She said something about the a girl at the prom that had a restraining order on her. So she told me she was very sorry and had to leave the place. I thought that it sound a little weird but then I thought perhaps it is possible to bump into someone with a restraining order on you in a big event crowded with people. So she left and I saw her one last time just before my graduation ceremony. But I still talk to my prom date sometimes now by phone or on MySpace. Believe it or not she wanted me to take her to the prom, but didn't want to go out with me. Kinda strange scenario huh? LOL!
  • Anything tha comes from the heart is a good idea. I think the cutest I've ever seen was: My friend really liked this girl, she was a year younger then him and was really sweet. He filled her locker full of balloons that were the prom theme colors and all inside one of the balloons had the ticket to prom inside and on the outside of the balloon it said : PROM? it was sooo sweet, they've been together since last years prom :) Also this boy asked me to prom in a pretty special way this year.. he's kind of a country boy, you know he wears a t shirt and jeans every day. I always joked around with him about how nice he would looked all cleaned up.. he showed up to school in a nice button down shirt and a tie on. (loose not nerdy ;) he asked me and I couldnt say no! He's so sweet for putting that much effort into it i really felt special :) So as long as you put time into it and it shows you cant go wrong, flowers are always a good idea..
  • Well i just went to prom with the love of my life. we are about to get married but i asked him because he is not in high school. One day while he was at work i talked to his parents and got a key. I filled his room with almost 200 ballons. In only one of them was my note asking him and he had to pop them to find out his suprise3. He loved it!!!
  • Ha my then girlfriend broke up with me while we were both buying tickets (Don't worry, I wasn't buying her ticket so its not like she used me) but we both went n were still friends. We spent a lot of the night together, dancing, grinding, hanging. Then she needed a ride home so she came in my family's car sitting on my lap xD hung out at my place til 3AM. We never got back together but was fun as friends.
  • i never went to my prom cause noone asked me

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