• No. One is entitle to their own beliefs.
  • I am not an atheist, but I am an American citizen. And as freedom of religious conscience and belief is enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I say you are welcome and entitled to your beliefs, whatever they may be.
  • I believe in God as well!! Good for you for standing up !!!!
  • Yeah, but I won't shove anything down anybody's throat. If you want to talk, I will. If you don't, that's cool, too.
  • I don't mind as long as you don't force your beliefs on people who are vulnerable. I also don't mind as long as you don't pray for me because I find that to be psychic harassment, something that the law doesn't protect us from.
  • Not in the least. I've probably had this discussion over a dozen times on AB. Both sides have their fanatics that are crazed about proving to the other that there way is right. The majority of both are content to live and let live.
  • As long as you keep it a personal affair, not in the least. But it can be a fun topic of discussion - I enjoy debates with religious people and some enjoy them with me. :-) . If, however, as many believers do, you try to get your beliefs taught in public school as science or fact and you try to see your religious morality passed into law for everyone then I begin to care quite strongly. . And lastly - if you make it a public affair by standing on street corners passing out propaganda or knock on my door doing it - then you're fair game :-) . +5
  • So long as you don't try to cram your beliefs down my throat we'll get along great.
  • I care not what you believe in, but i care a great deal about your actions. So long as you don't spread violence, hatred and ignorance, you are (in my opinion) free to believe as you see fit.
  • no i don't. but if you tell me there is a god [your god] i will tell you to go away very rudely. or just try and ask you why your god exists and what he/she has done for you that i can't call scientificaly proven or fake.
  • As an atheist I don't actually care what your deep rooted sense of insecurity is... sorry, I mean belief is... ;o) Just don't get offended when I look upon your need for an imaginary friend with pity and a slight hint of mistrust and for your own illogical, metaphysical, fear based, imaginary friends sake don't come preaching to me. We are all born agnostic and should get to make a choice about how whether we approach life full on or hide behind the skirts of belief when we are adults.
  • As long as you're not forcing your religion on me, fine. You are entitled to your own beliefs. Personally I have a few friends and an ex-bf who are Christians and even sometimes go to youth group with my best friend who happens to be religious.
  • I really don't care what you believe so long as your beliefs live happily inside your own head and life. When you start taking action towards others, or codifying your beliefs into law, then I care. If you don't do that, believe in the High Holy Hooey Monster with my blessings.
  • Not for as long as you're not shoving that belief down my throat or using it to change my laws with it
  • Not really. Atheists usually aren't bothered about that whole 'conversion' thing. Nobody tells us to be.

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