• if you want something to ground ground. check the ground.
  • Groundhogs can make very amusing pets, but they are NOT for impatient or self-serving people. Theya re natural born diggeres and chewers and these habits MUST have an outlet. The very life of the animal requires it to keep feet working and teeth from growing into the brain. The one's who've had them say they are wonderful. You can find them on most exotic pet websites. However, if they are indigenous to your area, state laws say you cannot own one. Good luck finding a seller who will sell it to you under those circumstances, as they typically peddle undernourished, sick animals.
  • no, Rolling Hills Golf Club in Davie, Florida, +4.
  • I live in AZ. we gots lots of them. I have some out behind my house and you can come get them cause I almost broke my foot falling in one of their holes. I was feeding them until they did that To ME. Ingreates! lol
  • Do you have a lot of ground, first of all?

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