• Carl Sagen seems to think there is time travel if you are faster, really!, look it up.
  • I asked it yesterday. It said "Yeah, im the fastest motherf*cker in the universe...What?" Then it made a gang sign and from there it got confusing so I left.
  • we can't be sure but light is really fast
  • We can't. An experiment with twin protons from the same atom established that they have some form of communication regardless of how far they are from each other, whether it be five feet or five bazillion light years. This is called entanglement and it means that the theory of relativity is only part of the answer.
  • Look up "quantum entanglement." You'll find that there is indeed faster than light transmission of information.
  • I believe the answer is YES, but it cannot be confirmed. Based upon observations of the red shift of super nova stars, this article from Cornell states: "... Furthermore, as more and more galaxies accelerate past the speed of light, any light that they emit after a certain point will also not be able to reach us, and they too will freeze and fade. Eventually, we will be left with a universe that is mostly invisible, with only the light from a few, very nearby galaxies (whose motions are strongly affected by local gravitational interaction) to keep us company." I suggest that this observation should be extrapolated to assume that some galaxies have reached the speed of light and as stated by the astronomers, cannot be seen.
  • We can't and there probably is, it is just that you can't see it.

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