• fishing and next to see my mom in Alabama who I have notseen in over 20 years due to lack of money.
  • To answer my own question, my last vacation was to Turkey, and next I hope to get some ££ together for Sardinia =)
  • Well my last true vacation was Disney World. I am going on a cruise to Cozumel in February. I can't wait. I need a little down time!
  • I last went to New York. I'm going to North Carolina tomorrow.
  • My last vaca was in the my parents beach house in Rodanthe, NC and I plan on going there again this summer. I don't have to pay to stay there and I don't have money so that's all I ever do. It is always fun though.
  • My Last was in San Diego! I alway want to go to Japan!!!!!! Woot!!!
  • Hawaii. :-) I'd love to go to Australia/New Zealand, but I don't know when I'll get the chance.
  • My last vacation I went to Vegas. That was about a year next vacation I'm going to Vegas again! I leave May 18!
  • Jamaica to get married but it was shit!!!! so im going back to Egypt where i have been before in future!!!!
  • I hope you have a good time!! My old housemate has just moved over to Vegas, so I hope to go out and visit at some point! - Was a reply to Corgingus, must have clicked wrong button!
  • Went to Vegas for a week. Won a few bucks which is highly unusual. Going to the Grand Canyon and then back to Vegas to return some winnings. lol
  • Last one ws Gran Canaria a few weeks back next one is a Mediterranean cruise in July and Singapore in August!
  • I went to the Philippines in January, then Hong Kong in February, and I'm going to Hong Kong for a night next week to go clubbing. I'd prefer The Phil, but I don't have the time or money for it right now. But it's one of my favorite places - kick back in the provinces and forget the world for a week - snorkel in water so clean it's like air - walk on beaches with no footprints except yours - it's killer. Hong Kong is fun, too, though, just a different kind of fun.
  • last one was to Canada, but not sure if I can go on another vacation for another 10-15 years.
  • My s/o of 36 years and I have traveled to over 32 countries on this great earth...but 2005 was the last vacation for us...a western Caribbean cruise with some 28 members of the family and friends. We had a great time. Vacations are done for us. My s/o was diagnosed with Alheimer's disease ten years ago, and not long after that cruise, what had been a slow moving deterioration, his malady took a major turn for the worst. He is in what is referred to as the Seventh...or Last... Stage, now, which can still continue for years...I hope. In any case, any change of venue would create a sense of insecurity for him, and that can be devastating for his reasonably settled, albeit confused, mind. I'm his only care giver...and it's a 24/7 thing, so I don't shoot craps in that regard, if ya know what I'm saying. But not to worry, for we're quite fortunate, however, since most would think we are on constant vacation all the time. You see, we live in wonderful Florida. We look right out our living room and bedroom windows and see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. We also have a big home on a private lake in North Carolina...but, for the reasons stated above, I haven't been able to take him back there for the past four years. Notwithstanding the circumstances, we are both very, very happy. The Good Lord has ALWAYS been good to us...even to this day. The most important message I want to put forth to readers here, however, are my hopes that you will live your lives to the fullest you can, enjoy life as best you can, for unexpected and uncertain change can be just around the corner. My s/o and I have lived, and continue to live, a wonderful life. And, hey, I got AnswerBag around the world right here with you guys, don't I? And it doesn't get much better than that, now, does it?!? :-) +5
  • Couple hundred miles away for a concert and drove back the same day. Wasn't much of a vacation for me as I did nearly all the driving. Next one is a weekend in a lake cabin about thirty miles away.
  • the last vacation was to florida and plan on going again this year.
  • New York, and New York! Sometimes I think about other places, but I always have such a great time there, how can I resist?

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