• It is all in the mind. Even when a lady says ' how are you ' or ' how do you do ' a man with things in his mind could find the words suggestive. At the same time a real gentleman would not even understand what a most suggestive remark by a lady is. It is all in the mind of the person concerned.
  • Woman: I'd sure like another drink. Man Hears: I am a trashy drunk whore, i can't wait to get laid.
  • All the words below and on the pages that follow it.
  • (Just before a shopping spree with another female) "Oooooooooo lets go for it then go grab some two for one before it's all gone, and if I know (" saying designer dude's name") it's gonna go fast....cause he makes the best, and all the woman want one, especially when he puts it on sale...wooooooooh ooooooooooooo LETS SHOP!
  • A woman might say "Would you like to come in for a coffee ?" and a man will hear ... "Get out of the car, stupid, I want to have sex in the house !!". :)
  • cute little lady bits, gummy bears,
  • "Make yourself comfortable" A man always translates this to "get ready for some sex, big boy"
  • Heh! I can best answer this with an old joke: A man goes to a psychiatrist because he's fixated on boobs and just CAN'T stop thinking about them. The doc, after listening to him describe his problem, says "Let's play a word association game. I'm going to say some words, and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind." The man agrees and the doctor starts: DOC: Tennis balls. MAN: BOOBS! DOC: Grapefruit. MAN: BOOBS! DOC: Melons. MAN: BOOBS! DOC: Windshield wipers. MAN: BOOBS! DOC: Now, wait just a minute, here! I understand the whole association with round objects of various sizes evoking the imagery of breasts, but WINDSHIELD WIPERS? Come on! MAN: It's easy doc! You say "windshield wipers" and I think "BOOBS! First one, then the other, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth....."
  • come tea bag spokes melon peaches head the list is endless...
  • Hi, Karen Anne. I don't know the answer but I wanted to say Welcome to Answerbag
  • Can I just post a dictionary to you? My fingers might give out before I'm done?:-D +5 for the reply and thank you for being my friend!!!!!
  • "You're cute." When a guy hears's over the top and must mean "she *loves* ME! But to a woman *everything* is cute...awww look at the cute new tires, those are cute napkins, that's really cute carpeting, did you see that cute hornets nest??
  • Im so tired i could just go to bed lol the men think we are hinting for a bit of sex lol
  • You're kidding right? How bout "Ya want coffee?", "Hello" and "Fuck off". i can't think of anything a woman might say that one man or another would NOT find suggestive. Maybe that's the better question. (Am i bitter?... naaa, i just think that in a certain frame of mind they find ALL words suggestive as well as nonsense words and no words at all.)
  • Welcome to Answerbag Karen Ann. I agree with Rocket, the list is endless. Basically, you can take any word and add "if you know what I mean" to the end of it, and if you say it with a smirk or grin, it will become suggestive. Potatoes....if you know what I mean! Phonebook...if you know what I mean! Some specifics: Twitter Pink Candy bar Hose Melons Google LMAO!!
  • don wanna b the one breakin the trend here... but dont wumen do tht??? (more-than-oftn)... jus the prob iz WHN mus the wurdz be taken az 'sujestive' n whn they MUSNT b... if itz not whn he haz to thn also itz a prob... n whn it mus b takn n whn he duz not thn also thtz a prob... ;-) ... many wumen might get angry readin ths... but aint tht the truth???... i jus believ... if 'yu wanna say sumthin... JUS SAY THT '... n i follo it... yeahhh... aint-tht-wumany in ths mattr... :P... peace!!!
  • this could be a long list. penetrate, swallow, suck, lick, bite, bend, ride, come, we could be here all day.
  • "Hello" .... first thing that came to mind.:)
  • Can you and would you.

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