• No. It's not his head!
  • The simple answer is no. The correct answer is HELL NO
  • He can ask her to wear it a certain way, let her know how he likes it, but we are all free agents. I think it's great if they both can agree, and I personally would listen to what he has to say and his reasoning for it. If he absolutely didn't want me to cut my hair short, I probably wouldn't do it since I love him and want to please him. And I'm sure there are plenty of things he wouldn't do just because I would not like it. So it's a give and take.
  • Yes. In Saudi Arabia.
  • He has a right, but it might be better to say he could make a suggestion on how he likes it or what he thinks looks good on her without demanding that she do it. He married her, but he doesn't own her, and if he really loves her he will respect her choice in the matter if she doesn't like it the way he does.
  • Not in my family, but I don't tell him how to wear his either.
  • No...he can make suggestions or tell her what he likes, but the final decision is hers.
  • Well let's turn it around. Do you have the right to tell him how to wear his hair? If you do then I guess he has the same rights. No spouse should "tell" the other spouse what to do regarding their appearance. A suggestion, a request, maybe even some encouragement but never a demand. JMHO
  • Absolutely not. It is your hair, not his, he can do as he wishes with his hair.
  • No. But if my wife told me I looked better dressing a certain way, I would take her advice.
  • He can make a suggestion and say how beautiful she would look like that, but if you mean demanding it, that would be taking things way to far and I wouldn't do it just to spite him.=p
  • its fine to say what he likes, but to tell her how to wear her hair is absurd. that is severe control there! Tell him to wear a pink dress, and you wear your hair the way he commands.
  • Tell her? No, but I hope she would listen to his suggestions.
  • Sure he does, IF he is the KING of the hill.:):) In his dreams.:) haha
  • Of course, and she has the right to laugh like mad at him.
  • He can express his opinions of what he likes on her; whether she complies or not is up to her. If he loves the way she looks with a particular style, she can choose to ignore his opinions - but that's probably not a good thing for the marriage long term. I would suggest that she and he seriously consider what the other likes, as long as they're not terribly uncomfortable with it. After all, who else is more important to please than your mate?
  • Well. . .I, at least, think his opinion should MATTER.
  • I would think that sharing preferences would be a fairly normal thing in a marriage. And if he likes it a certain way, I would think that the wife would WANT to do it for him. You would think she would WANT to make herself attractive to her husband. If she is so independent that she doesn't and won't and doesn't want to hear what he likes, then the marriage probably isn't very healthy in the first place.
  • He can suggest, but she should decide how she wears her hair.
  • No. That is called a control freak.
  • i dont think he can make her, but personally i do what i can to make my man think i am attractive so if there is a specific way he likes my hair then screw it, why not wear it that way?
  • "Right" no. I'm sure he should be allowed to make a humble request or suggestion. Husband or wife, it's always a good idea to get feedback and input from your spouse.... in everything.

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